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Organic D/Earth - Diatomaceous Earth, 3 lbs

Organic D/Earth - Diatomaceous Earth, 3 lbs

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Organic D/Earth Powder

Thomas Labs Organic D/Earth (Diatomaceous Earth) is a non-toxic, safe mineral of crushed fossils used to control external pests when sprinkled in kennels and bedding areas. D/Earth can also be given in food daily as a supplement or to control internal parasites.

Diatomaceous Earth consists of fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae. D/Earth is the highest concentration of fossil shell flour available, ground into a fine powder.

Diatomaceous Earth is a remarkable substance that actually dries out the waxy outer layer of fleas so they dehydrate and eventually die.

Internal feeding of food grade diatomaceous earth helps eliminate most internal worms, including roundworms, pin worms, tapeworms. When fed daily, it's excellent in keeping fly concentrations down. Since food grade diatomaceous earth is eliminated from the body exactly the way it went in, it helps reduce the manure odor and kills flies that come in contact with it.

  • Food grade fresh water
  • 100% Diatomaceous Earth
  • Will not stain carpets or furniture


Kennel Use: Sprinkle around kennel or bedding areas where there is a high concentration of parasites. Allow time for dust to settle before returning animals to the treated location. When used topically, apply sparingly and thoroughly brush into coat. After application, the coat may feel coarse to the touch. Do not apply to the coat of puppies under 16 weeks of age or on nursing mothers.

Ingredients: 100% Diatomaceous Earth. Food Grade Quality.

D/Earth is labeled "not for human consumption" to meet the legal requirements of the FDA for products sold and marketed for pet use and consumption. While many products sold for "Pet Use" may be similar to products used by humans, Thomas Laboratories is obligated to remain within the boundaries set forth by the FDA regarding correct and current labeling of our products.

Diatomaceous Earth, while safe to swallow, can be a lung irritant if breathed in. Please take all precautions necessary (dust masks, respirators, etc.) to avoid breathing in dust. When applying this product to pet bedding or household carpeting, furniture, or flooring, please apply sparingly and allow dust to settle before re-population of pets and humans.

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Item 18207

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