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Cat Vitamins & Supplements

Whether you need dietary cat supplements to help maintain a healthy weight, cat vitamins to aid in joint health as they get older, or something specific to medical conditions, Medi-Vet has the cat vitamins and supplements to do the job. We have the probiotics and vitamins for cats you can find at your local vet’s office or retail store at a fraction of the price so you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to keep your animals happy and healthy.

We have generic cat supplements for a healthy coat or joint and muscle care as well as specialized items like cat vitamins and supplements for viral infections and diseases. No matter how complex the health issue might be, Medi-Vet carries the products. Save a bundle on these miracle-working products and enjoy free shipping when your order totals $79 or more!

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Brewer's Dried Yeast Formula With Garlic, 100 Tablets
Brewer's Dried Yeast Formula With Garlic, 100 Tablets
Our Price: $4.60

Brewer's Yeast and Garlic contains  top quality debittered yeast that your dogs and cats love to eat. Excellent natural source - Vitamin B complex, B-1, B-2, niacin and antioxidants.
PetAg CatSure Meal Replacement For Cats, 11 oz
PetAg CatSure Meal Replacement For Cats, 11 oz.
Our Price: $5.31

CatSure is a complete balanced nutrition for adult cats. Recommended for cats 7+ years of age. High quality proteins with amino acids adjusted for better use by senior cats. Low in fats. Helps prevent the formation of free radicals. Highly palatable.
Meg-A-Cal Gel, 6 oz. Tube
Meg-A-Cal Gel, 6 oz. Tube
Our Price: $5.70

Meg-A-Cal is a veterinarian recommended high calorie, high fat, palatable dietary supplement providing vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for all animals. Indicated for hypoglycemia, illness and post-op recovery, weight gain and energy for performance.
Vitamin B Complex Injectable, 100 ml MFG BACKORDER
Vitamin B Complex Injectable, 100 ml
Our Price: $5.71

Vitamin B Complex Injection is for use as a nutritive supplement of B complex vitamins in cattle, swine, sheep, horses, dogs and cats.
Felo-Form Cat Vitamins, 50  Chewable Tablets
Felo-Form Cat Vitamins, 50 Chewable Tablets
Our Price: $5.73

Felo-Form - Chewable dietary supplement with Taurine & Potassium for cats. May be especially useful for cats prone to Lower Urinary Tract Disease (due to a lack of struvite-forming Magnesium).
Fortified Vitamin B Complex Injection, 100 ml
Fortified Vitamin B Complex Injection, 100 ml
Our Price: $5.90

Fortified Vitamin B Complex Injection is for use as a supplemental
source of B complex vitamins for use in preventing or treating deficiencies
in cattle, swine and sheep.  Consult your veterinarian for dosing and use in horses, dogs and cats.
Nu-Cat Senior Multi Vitamin/Mineral Supplement, 100 Tablets
Nu Cat Senior Multi Vitamin/Mineral Supplement, 60 Tablets
Our Price: $6.07

VetriScience Nu Cat Senior is a comprehensive, multivitamin-mineral supplement for geriatric cats that contains a full spectrum of balanced vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and digestive enzymes. Recommended to support cardiovascular, liver, cognitive, eye, joint and digestive functions as well as maintenance of the physical and mental well being of senior cats. Nu Cat Senior Multivitamin provide these beneficial nutrients in an easy to feed, fish-flavored tablet.
NaturVet Cat-Cal Nutritional Gel, 5 oz.
NaturVet Cat-Cal Nutritional Gel, 5 oz.
Our Price: $6.19

NaturVet Cat-Cal Nutritional Gel tastes like a treat.  Formulated with Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids in a low volume form.  A few tasty licks provide supplemental caloric and nutritional intake for your cat or kitten.
PetAg CatSlim Food Supplement for Cats, 6 oz.
PetAg CatSlim Food Supplement For Cats, 6 oz.
Our Price: $6.19

CatSlim is a meal replacement and food supplement that helps cats achieve and maintain proper weight.All natural, low-calorie, and high in dietary fiber. Highly concentrated formula that naturally helps curb appetites while helping to metabolize fat.
Nu Cat MultiVitamin, 30 Bite-Sized Chews
VetriScience Nu Cat MultiVitamin, 30 Bite-Sized Chews
Our Price: $6.38

VetriScience Nu Cat Bite-Sized Chews is a comprehensive multi-vitamin and mineral supplement that provides total health for cats of all ages and sizes. Nu Cat is a chewable multivitamin supplement that cats will actually want to eat. Beneficial ingredients include key minerals, omega fatty acids from fish oils, and taurine. Nu Cat has been specifically formulated to maintain and support your cat’s peak physical and mental well-being. Nu Cat MultiVitamin incorporates over 25 balance ingredients not found in most cat foods or ordinary supplements, including Taurine, an essential nutrient that cats cannot produce themselves. Taurine supports eye, heart and brain health.
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