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Best Flea & Tick Treatment for Dogs

Fleas and ticks can transmit dangerous diseases to both dogs and humans. You can help protect your dog and your family with a comprehensive regiment of flea or tick prevention for your dog. The best flea treatment for dogs includes a topical flea treatment, such as Bio spot or Ovitrol, once a month. Adding a flea collar for dogs, such as Adams Plus or Powerband, as well as a flea preventing shampoo, can help your pet remain flea free. If your dog already has fleas, using foggers and sprays like Siphotrol and Dustmitex can help rid your pet and home of fleas. We also have many options for tick prevention for dogs including shampoos, powders, and oral medications. Tick removers such as the tick twister pro and ticked off tick remover can be used to safely remove ticks from your dog.

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Tick Twister PRO
Tick Twister Pro
Our Price: $4.54

Tick Twister PRO tick removal tool is the safest and easiest way to remove ticks with leaving mouth parts behind. Quick removal without pain. Tick is caught and held in slot of tool until it can be safely disposed of.
TICKED OFF Tick Remover
TICKED OFF Tick Remover
Our Price: $4.99

TICKED OFF is the only single-motion tick remover designed to remove ticks in a timely and effective manner, with your safety in mind. The simple tool is easy to hold and use.  Proven in removing disease carrying ticks from animals and people.
Tick Release 0.2 oz
Tick Release 0.2 oz.
Our Price: $5.31

Tick Release is a fast, safe and effective aid in the removal of attached ticks from humans and animals without the use of any poisons.
Tick Plier
Tick Plier
Our Price: $6.91

Removes ticks safely without squeezing, twisting, or even touching the tick. The safest, fastest and most effective way to remove ticks from people and pets.
Vet Solutions Lime Sulfur Dip [Concentrate], 4 oz.
Lime Sulfur Dip (Concentrate), 4 oz.
Our Price: $7.48

Lime Sulfur Dip is a sulfur concentrate for treatment of non-specific dermatoses, ringworm (skin fungus, dermatophytosis), parasites and sarcoptic mange on dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens which are responsive to lime sulfur.
Resultix Tick Spray, 20 ml
Resultix Tick Spray, 20 ml
Our Price: $7.61

Bayer Resultix Tick Spray is a convenient, easy-to-use spray that helps remove and kill attached and crawling ticks on your dog or cat. Spray directly on the tick, Resultix works quickly to help dissolve the tick's outer shell, and kill the tick.
Tick Release 1.25 oz
Tick Release 1.25 oz.
Our Price: $7.70

Tick Release is a fast, safe and effective aid in the removal of attached ticks from humans and animals without the use of any poisons.
Mycodex Flea & Tick Shampoo P3 [Triple Strength Pyrethrin], 6 oz.
Mycodex Flea & Tick Shampoo P3 (Triple Strength Pyrethrin), 6 oz.
Our Price: $7.78

Mycodex Flea & Tick Pet Shampoo P3 with 3x Pyrethrins kills fleas, ticks and lice on dogs and fleas on cats. Also contains aloe, lanolin and coconut extract for sensitive skin.  For dogs, cats, puppies and kittens 12 weeks and older.
Flys-Off Insect Repellent For Wounds & Sores, 2 oz.
Flys-Off Insect Repellent For Wounds & Sores, 2 oz.
Our Price: $7.79

Ointment for dogs, ponies, and horses.  Protects wounds and sores from houseflies, stable flies, face flies and horn flies--also kills them on contact. Ideal for treating superficial wounds, abrasions, sores and scratches.
Bio Spot Flea & Tick Shampoo for Dogs and Puppies, 12 oz
Bio SPOT Flea & Tick Shampoo Sea Breeze Scent For Dogs & Cats, 12 oz
Our Price: $7.96

Bio Spot Shampoo for Dogs & Puppies is a concentrated lathering shampoo enriched with oatmeal, coconut extract, lanolin, and aloe. Leaves coat soft, shining, and manageable. PRECOR' Insect Growth Regulator provides 28 days of pre-adult flea control.

K9 Advantix, Advantage II, Frontline Plus & More

Choose from our entire line of sprays and medications to prevent and treat flea and tick problems in your pet. We carry many tops brands that you prefer such as K9 Advantix, Advantage II and Frontline Plus for dogs. In addition to conventional flea and tick removal and protection products, Medi-Vet also carries a full line of Naturvet herbal treatments for customers looking for natural and holistic treatment options.

As a vet-trusted source for pet medications and supplies, we ensure that we carry a large variety of products at prices you will love. We have supplies for cat, horse, bird, fish and small animals. If you are a pet pharmacy, animal shelter or vet hospital, you can take advantage of our bulk pricing and also fill your pet prescriptions. In addition, all orders over $79 ship free with the option for fast delivery. In case of any questions regarding one of our products, our friendly staff is available via phone (1-800-668-9698) and email at

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Medi-Vet offers pet medications including Comfortis, Rimadyl, Deramaxx, Metacam, Heartgard, Interceptor, Sentinel, Frontline Plus, Frontline Top Spot, Advantage, K9 Advantix and other Flea and Tick products. Medi-Vet also offers ringworm medications, pet meds, vet supplies, heartworm prevention, grooming supplies, flea and tick control, pet medicine, Frontline Topspot, horse care supplies, horse medication, dog shampoos, canine vaccines, and prescription medications for pet and animal health. is a wholesale drug distributor for veterinarians, pharmacies and drug companies.