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Medicated Dog Shampoo

Is your furry friend constantly scratching, biting and licking themselves? Fleas are often the cause, therefore it is important to examine your pet for these pesky critters and treat them with a dog shampoo for itchy skin once fleas have been ruled out.

Our high quality, deep cleaning, medicated dog shampoos are created to treat skin ailments from mild to severe. Containing antibacterial and antifungal properties, they provide relief for a number of symptoms including itching, flaking, and dry skin, all while removing scales and crust and deodorizing your pet’s coat. Environmental and food allergens can also be to blame, requiring the appropriate allergy shampoo for dogs and cats. Some pets can spend hours frolicking through fields and rolling around in the grass without any ill effects whatsoever, while others, kept indoors and fed a superb diet, may suffer from skin disorders. Some pets simply need extra moisturizing and will find resolution from simply being regularly treated with a dog shampoo for dry skin.

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Vet Classics Skin Care Bath For Problem Skin, 8 oz
Vet Classics Skin Care Bath For Problem Skin, 8 oz
Our Price: $5.73

Vet Classics Skin Care Bath is recommended for relief of itching due to skin problems caused by hot spots, flea bites, dermatitis, rashes, sore, dry skin and skin allergies in dogs, cats and horses older than 6 weeks. Skin Care Bath is also a very effective deodorant shampoo and an excellent grooming aid. It also provides a thorough cleansing action and removes dirt without stripping away the natural oils. Rinses easily and helps control static electricity - "fly-away" coat.
Vedco ChlorHex 2X 4% Shampoo, 8 oz.
Vedco Chlorhex 2X 4% Shampoo, 8 oz.
Our Price: $6.56

ChlorHex 2X 4% Shampoo is an antiseptic cleansing shampoo for use in dogs, cats and horses. Antifungal, Antimicrobial, Deodorizing formulation. Also, for routine shampooing of normal animals. Contains 4% chlorhexidine. Compare to Chlorhexiderm 4% Shampoo.
DermaPet MalAcetic Shampoo For Dogs & Cats, 1 oz. Travel Pouch
DermaPet MalAcetic Shampoo For Dogs & Cats, 1 oz. Travel Pouch
Our Price: $8.41

MalAcetic Shampoo aids in the topical treatment of seborrhea complex and other conditions where a medicated shampoo may be beneficial. Clear, all natural, soapless shampoo.  Pouch size as a carry-on is perfect for airline travel.
Sentry Medicated Shampoo For Dogs, 18 oz
Sentry Medicated Shampoo For Dogs, 18 oz
Our Price: $8.49

Sentry Medicated Shampoo For Dogs offers temporary relief of itching and flaking due to seborrhea. This is a soap-free shampoo, pH-balanced and rinses with extraordinary ease.
Command Deep Cleansing Animal Shampoo, 4oz
Command Deep Cleansing Animal Shampoo, 4 oz
Our Price: $8.77

Command Deep Cleansing Animal Shampoo For Animals is a deep cleansing, non-drying, antimicrobial shampoo formulated to help relieve symptoms associated with allergic skin disorders in animals, including inflammation, itching, odor and infection. Formulated with sodium hypochlorite and salicylic acid to decrease bacterial load and reduce clinical lesion severity.
Davis Melaleuca Shampoo, 12 oz
Davis Melaleuca Shampoo, 12 oz
Our Price: $8.83

Davis Melaleuca Shampoo offers soothing relief for dry, itchy and irritated skin. Formulated with a blend of natural oils, penetrants and emollients in combination with the soothing properties of Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil. This natural oil, derived from the Australian Tea Tree, provides rapid action and deep skin penetration to help revive the skin and coat.  For dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.
BioCalm Shampoo, 8 oz
BioCalm Shampoo, 8 oz
Our Price: $9.22

BioCalm Shampoo is a soothing soap-free shampoo for relief of itching in dogs, cats and horses. Formulated with 1% Pramoxine, MicroSilver BG and Ceramide III. 1% Pramoxine Hydrochloride acts as an effective topical agent to aid in alleviating itching and discomfort. Colloidal Oatmeal moisturizes and soothes itchy skin and helps to relieve symptoms of allergies, dry skin, hot spots, and flea dermatitis. Colloidal oatmeal shampoo also helps clean and soften the hair coat.
VetOne VetraSeb SSB Shampoo, 8 oz
VetOne VetraSeb SSB Shampoo, 8 oz
Our Price: $9.29

VetOne VetraSeb SSP Shampoo is an anti-microbial, cleansing and degreasing shampoo for the relief of scaling and itching associated with skin infections, seborrhea and follicular plugging in dogs and cats. Contains benzoyl peroxide, micronized sulfur and salicylic acid for degreasing, follicular flushing, and enhanced keratolytic and keratoplastic activity. Phytosphingosine is an exclusive pro-ceramide for restoring the skin barrier and help in the long-term management of skin conditions.
Pramosoothe Shampoo + PS, 8 oz
Pramosoothe Shampoo +PS, 8 oz
Our Price: $9.45

Pramosoothe Shampoo PS has a soap-free, lathering formulation with a mild local anesthetic agent for skin inflammation & discomfort. Contains colloidal oatmeal which soothes the skin and PhytoSphingosine [PS] for restoring lipid barrier.
Davis Sulfur Benz Shampoo, 12 oz
Davis Sulfur Benz Shampoo, 12 oz
Our Price: $9.52

Davis Sulfur Benz Shampoo combines two highly effective ingredients, Micronized Sulfur and Benzoyl Peroxide, for the treatment of seborrhea, non-specfic dermatosis and other conditions requiring a degreasing or kerotolytic formula.
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