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Reptile Medicine & Wound Care

Reptiles with abrasions, burns, ringworm and surgical wounds require antibacterial gels, sprays and dressing to keep their injuries clean and free of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. Pet owners should apply reptile wound care products made by trusted manufacturers, like Zylafen, Derma-Clens, Ceragyn or Vetericyn.

Medi-Vet is also proud to offer Collasate for reptiles, which not only reduces pain and protects the injury. This revolutionary reptile wound care also conforms to the animal’s body in order to create an environment that promotes healing and debridement. Lizard and snake wound care by Collasate also provides a more natural dressing that will not annoy pets and adheres efficiently for maximum protection. Combine Collasate with one of the other reptile wound cleansers offered by Medi-Vet, such as Ceragyn for reptiles, to assure your pet returns to health quickly.

We offer reptile medicine for less – and remember, shipping on orders over $79 is always free!

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Clotisol Blood Clotting Suspension, 2 oz
Clotisol Blood Clotting Suspension, 2 oz
Our Price: $11.28

Clotisol is a blood clotting suspension used as an aid to stop bleeding in animals caused by minor cuts and wounds. It can be used for nail trimming, tail docking and ear cropping. Do not use in deep wounds or on burns.
Derma-Clens Dermatologic Cream, 1 oz
Derma-Clens Dermatologic Cream, 1 oz
Our Price: $12.05

Derma-Clens is a dermatologic cleansing cream for use on wounds, abrasions, burns and other skin conditions.  Non-toxic, odorless, and non-irritating.
Collasate Spray, 1 oz.
Collasate Spray, 1 oz.
Our Price: $14.83

Collasate' is designed to enhance the body's own natural healing process. The collagen in Collasate' interacts with the wound at every stage to reduce pain and promote healing.
Collasate Silver Topical Dressing, 7 Gram Tube
Collasate Silver Topical Dressing, 7 Gram Tube
Our Price: $15.02

PRN Collasate Silver Topical Dressing combines the antibacterial action of silver oxide to fight infection in non-surgical wounds with hydrolyzed collagen for the support of an ideal environment for healing. The Collasate Silver formula offers a topical antibacterial option to reduce the growth of microbes while enabling the body's own natural healing processes. The molecular structure of Collasate makes it immediately available to the body for healing. Recommended for first & second degree burns, chemical burns, traumatic wounds, hot spots/lick granulomas, pressure ulcers and non-surgical wounds.
Collasate Postoperative Dressing, 7 gram Tube
Collasate Postoperative Dressing, 7 Gram Tube
Our Price: $15.04

Collasate is a revolutionary scientific breakthrough in the management of surgical and trauma sites. An all-natural gel product, Collasate interacts with the site to provide wound protection and promote rapid healing.
Ceragyn Wound & Skin Formula, 2 oz
Ceragyn Wound & Skin Formula, 2 oz
Our Price: $15.31

Ceragyn Wound & Skin Formula is a non-irritating, non-stinging formula used to wash and treat infected wounds, cuts, abrasions and ringworm. Ceragyn products are formulated to mimic natural antimicrobial peptides with efficacy against bacteria, lipid enveloped viruses, fungus and yeast. Safe for all animals. Also safe to use around eyes, mouth and ears.

ClotIt Blood Clotting Powder, 2 oz
ClotIt Blood Clotting Powder, 2 oz
Our Price: $15.92

ClotIt is a non-staining, blood clotting powder designed to stop bleeding in minor to severe external wounds. Formulated with all-natural minerals that upon contact with blood, facilitates and accelerates the body's natural coagulation process, while simultaneously slowing blood flow by constricting local blood vessels and capillaries.
  • Multi-actin process results in complete clotting in seconds
  • Non-staining, no sting formula
  • Colorless powder
  • All-natural ingredients
LubriSyn HA Advanced Wound Gel w/ Hyaluronic Acid, 4 oz
LubriSynHA Advanced Wound Gel w/ Hyaluronic Acid, 4 oz
Our Price: $16.57

LubriSynHA Topical Wound Gelis a safe, natural, antimicrobial wound spray for horses, livestock and pets. LubriSynHA Topical is an all-in-one wound treatment and a perfect addition to a First Aid Kit or barn medicine cabinet.  Aids in the removal of debris and foreign material from the affected area and promotes healing.  Recommendations for use include lick granulomas, hot spots, lacerations, cuts. abrasions, rain rot, cracked heels and burns.
Zylafen Medicated Skin Therapy For Reptiles, 1.25 fl. oz.
Zylafen Medicated Skin Therapy For Reptiles, 1.25 Fl. oz.
Our Price: $17.70

ZYLAFEN contains three active enzymes to provide the most potent and safe treatment available for bacterial, viral and fungal skin infections in reptiles. One step treatment that can be safely used on all reptiles.
3M Vetbond Tissue Adhesive 3 ml
3M Vetbond Tissue Adhesive 3 ml
Our Price: $18.16

Vetbond Tissue Adhesive by 3M quickly bonds tissues together for veterinary procedures. On contact with body tissue, Vetbond adhesive changes from liquid to solid state by polymerizing within seconds to seal a wound. Contains a blue dye allowing it to be easily seen where applied. Tissue adhesive stops minor bleeding and binds wound edges, which may eliminate the need for suturing or bandaging in some cases. Vetbond also serves as a barrier against foreign material from entering the wound. The adhesive sloughs off as healing occurs.  Each 3 ml bottle contains approximately 150 drops.
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