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Pets such as hamsters, mice, rats and guinea pigs have unique needs that must be addressed to ensure optimal health. That’s why Medi-Vet provides a variety of specialized small animal medicines and healthcare products. Small animal vet supplies like digital thermometers with sterile probe covers, eye irrigation and cleaning solutions, lubricating ointments, and nursing bottles may all be necessary to care for small pets over the course of their lives.

Just like human doctors, vets who practice hamster medicine and rodent medicine need tongue depressors and sterile latex gloves to examine their patients. Medication such as antihistamine or penicillin may need to be administered to restore small pets to full health, and vets can find these and other common treatments at Medi-Vet.

Basic grooming tools for small animal care include nail clippers, combs and brushes, skin treatments and specialized small pet shampoos. Owners aren't always willing or able to perform these grooming tasks themselves, preferring to let an experienced vet do the job. Fortunately, we make it easy with top-of-the-line products at affordable prices. Order your small animal vet supplies today and receive free shipping on all orders of $79 or more!

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Pet Nail File
Pet Nail File
Our Price: $3.24

Millers Forge Pet Nail File is curved to fit the contour of the pet's nail.  The all metal Pet File is high quality and made to last.  Great for softening the sharp edges caused by nail clippers and scissors and leaving a professional look.
Replacement Blade for Millers Forge Guillotine Style Nail Clipper
Replacement Blade For Millers Forge Guillotine Style Nail Clipper
Our Price: $3.36

Replacement blade for the Millers Forge Pet Nail Trimmer (Guillotine Style), Item 16861
PetAg Nursing Bottle, 4 oz.
PetAg Nursing Bottle, 4 oz.
Our Price: $3.62

A 120 mL pet nurser with graduations in milliliters and tablespoons.
Vetone OB Lube Non-Spermicidal Sterile Lubricating Jelly, 5 oz
Vetone OB Lube Non-Spermicidal Sterile Lubricating Jelly. 5 oz
Our Price: $3.78

A sterile, non-spermicidal water-soluble lubricating jelly for all types of medical procedures.
Magnifying Pet Tweezers
Magnifying Pet Tweezers
Our Price: $4.03

Magnifying Pet Tweezers can find and safely remove ticks, thorns, fleas, splinters, or burrs. Stainless steel with 5x power magnifier.  Stainless sure grip tips. Hinged joint for convenient storage and view adjustments.
Vista Mini Flea Comb
Vista Mini Flea Comb
Our Price: $4.20

Millers Forge Vista Mini Flea Comb easily and effectively removes irritating fleas.  Easy to hold and transport.  Easy to hold and use.  Compact and easy to transport.
Vista Small Combination Brush
Vista Small Combination Brush
Our Price: $4.30

Vista Small Combination Brush is a high quality, double sided brush that helps make brushing easy. The double sides include a thin pin side and a brush side. Use the pin side for initial grooming and then the brush side for the finishing touch.
Henry Schein Artificial Tears Solution 15 ml
Henry Schein Artificial Tears Solution 15 ml
Our Price: $4.41

Artificial Tears Solution - Henry Schein is a sterile lubricant eye
drop for the relief of irritation and dryness of the eye in animals. The affects
of dry eye can be complex and can lead to more serious conditions of the eye if
left untreated.
Nexcare Probe Covers For Digital Thermometer, 50 Count
Nexcare Probe Covers For Digital Thermometer, 50 Count
Our Price: $4.43

When thermometers are used to take temperatures from patient to patient, the thermometers must be disinfected prior to each patient use.  Probe Covers eliminate the disinfecting process by discarding the cover after each use.
Gallon Pump Dispenser
Gallon Pump Dispenser
Our Price: $4.56

Dispenser pump is designed to fit most one gallon size containers.  Use for shampoos, conditioners, supplements, disinfectants and clean supplies.
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