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Comfort Zone With Feliway Spray, 75ml

Comfort Zone With Feliway Spray, 75ml

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Comfort Zone With Feliway Spray

Farnum Comfort Zone reduces or completely stops stress-related behavior including urine marking, vertical scratching, loss of appetite and reduced desire to play or interact.

Comfort Zone helps comfort cats in stressful situations such as: Moving to a new home. Visitors to the home. New pet or family member. Adjusting to a new environment and multiple cat households.


Place the Comfort Zone diffuser with Feliway in the room where marking has taken place. If the cat marks several rooms (with a total surface area of more than 650 sq. ft.) use an additonal diffuser in one of the other rooms that have been marked.


Place the Comfort Zone diffuser with Feliway in the room most used by the cat.

  • Odorless and non-toxic, does not affect humans.
  • Use as directed.
  • Not a drug or tranquilizer.
  • The secret to happy cats

You've seen your cat contently rub its face on the furniture, corners of the room, bottom of curtains-and even you. He's marking his surroundings with special facial pheromones. These pheromones reassure him that all is well in his little world.

However, if something stressful disturbs your cat's environment such as a new pet, visitors, moving to a new home or even rearranging the furniture, he may begin urine marking, scratching or even stop eating.

Comfort Zone Diffuser with Feliway contains a formula that mimics the feline facial pheromone. Used where the cat spends most of his time, it will soon calm and reassure him once again, greatly reducing or completely stopping the stress-related behavior.

Instructions for Use:  DO NOT SPRAY FELIWAY ON ANIMALS.  To stop urine marking Comfort Zone with Feliway should be sprayed directly onto the places soiled by the cat and also on prominent objects that could be attractive to the cat. A single dose (one depression of the nozzle) should be applied daily at about 4 in from the site, keeping the bottle vertical. The spray should be applied at a height of about 8 in from the floor. Maintenance treatment of each site is recommended once weekly after the cat is observed rubbing the site with its head and marking it with its own facial pheromones. Where this is not observed, treatment should be continued for 1 month.

Ingredients: Analogue of Feline Facial Pheromone.... 2%; Excipients to ...100 g.

Covers: 500-650 sq. ft.

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