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Endurosyn Feline Oral Gel, 15 gm

Endurosyn Feline Oral Gel, 15 gm

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Endurosyn Feline Oral Gel

Endurosyn Feline Oral Gel is designed to help maintain energy and support healthy electrolyte balance and digestive function in dogs and cats following stress-related events such as: kenneling and/or travel, training, antibiotic therapy, deworming, and digestive disorders. Endurosyn is palatable oral nutritional supplement containing amino acids, electrolytes, vitamins, fatty acids, and lactic acid bacteria [10 million CFU from Enterococcus faecium, Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. plantarum. L casei].

Endurosyn can help support your pet's health in several ways:

Appetite and Energy

Electrolytes and concentrated energy sources support energy levels and assist with digestion.

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Endurosyn contains a source of live [viable], naturally occurring microorganisms.

Supports gastrointestinal health, colonization and replenishment of beneficial microflora necessary to maintain a healthy microbial balance.


Endurosyn assists in the uptake of sodium for rehydration and helps maintain healthy electrolyte balance.

The innovative ingredients in Endurosyn Oral Gel work together to help maintain normal gastrointestinal health for your pet.

The progressive recipe in Endurosyn includes:

  • Refreshing electrolytes such as NaCI and KCI
  • Concentrated energy sources like medium-chain triglyceride fatty acids and glucose
  • Probiotics and prebiotics promoting growth of beneficial microflora
  • Essential vitamins and helpful amino acids including glycine and glutamine
  • Poultry-fish flavor


Adult Cats: 5 gm once a day for 3 days

Kittems: 2 gm once a day for 3 days

Provide access to fresh drinking water at all times.

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