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Pet Organics No Mark! For Cats, 16 oz.

Pet Organics No Mark! For Cats l Stop Urine Marking

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Pet Organics No Mark! is a behavior modification spray to end urine marking safely and naturally. If your cat has urine-marked on an indoor surface use the following easy procedure to help eliminate cats' impulse to re-mark. Works great on indoor plants. For outdoor plants, use Pet Stopper by Pet Organics.

No Mark! is not a deterrent, however, the simulated pheromones in No Mark! tend to help create a comforting, reassuring feeling in the cat that has a calming effect, and most cats seem to feel less anxious, more content, friendly, gently and thus, less desirous of re-spraying. The simulated pheromones in No Mark! have a mild pleasant fragrance.

Both male and female cats spray, unneutered males are the biggest offenders, followed by unspayed females in season. Most often marking occurs due to environmental stresses such as a new home or another cat in the yard.

No Mark! removes all urine marking odors, including pheromone body scents, from all surfaces where cats mark. Cats no longer are attracted to previously soiled surfaces and odors are eliminated.

No Mark! is effective on walls, corners, doors, furniture, curtains, upholstery, carpeting and any other surfaces that water will not damage.

Caution: Use only as directed. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep product in cool, dry place. Do not spray on pets. On fabrics, test product on very small inconspicuous surface area before using. If ingested, drink plenty of water and seek medical attention. Do not induce vomiting and consult a physician.

Active Ingredients: Sodium Laurel Sulfate (1.8%), Rosemary Oil (0.8%), and Thyme Oil (0.8%)

Inactive Ingredients: Purified Water (96.6%).


Directions: Shake well before using. Clean affected surfaces with alcohol or water only. When the surface is dry, mist-spray No Mark on the affected surfaces twice daily for one week. Then once daily, as needed. If urine-marking should re-occur, just repeat the above procedure.

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