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Select Full Spectrum Antioxidant Supplement 3 Grams, 60 Tablets

Select Full Spectrum Antioxidant Supplement, 60 Tablets, 3g each

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EVSCO SELECT is an extremely powerful, inexpensive Protectant for pets of all ages. Its unique formula is a more complete antioxidant than any other product available today. Best of all, EVSCO SELECT is a 100% satisfaction guaranteed, 100% natural, and the "ultimate" in pet nutrition, adding life to years and years to life!

What are antioxidants and what is their part in eliminating "free radicals"?

Antioxidants are natural substances that may help prevent diseases. Antioxidants are nutrients, vitamins, minerals or enzymes that help protect the body from the formation of free radicals and the formation of degenerative diseases. Some of these destructive conditions such as heart, kidney and liver disease, arthritis, blood disorders, vascular disease, and cancer can be caused by free radical injury to the cells and organs. Many diseases seen in advancing age should not be considered part of the normal process of aging. Aging results in progressive decreases in the amount of health tissue in the organs, ultimately resulting in organ failure and eventually death. Antioxidants protect key cell radicals. They do this by giving up electrons to the free radicals, which prevents tissue damage and organ failure, protecting our pets from the diseases that are caused by, or worsened by, free radical damage. This results in a longer and better quality of life.

Why do pets need EVSCO SELECT Full Spectrum Antioxidant Supplement?

To help defend against free radical attack, the body produces its own antioxidants. These are chemical substances that combine with the unpaired electrons leaving free radicals harmless and unable to damage the cells of the body.

The more antioxidants that are present, the more effectively you can halt free radical damage, boost immunity, speed healing and slow the aging process. The antioxidants naturally occurring in a pet's body are usually inadequate to cope with the amount of free radicals being produced. Through antioxidant supplementation, pets can live longer and remain healthier. Antioxidant supplementation is also recognized as beneficial in the treatment of many medical conditions such as arthritis, general debilitation, inflammatory or degenerative conditions, panosteitis, feline leukemia and cancer.

What are "free Radicals" and what do they do?

Free Radicals are unstable oxygen molecules that have a missing or unpaired electron. They are damaging because they attach onto other cells in an attempt to find another electron to become stable. In doing so , they can cause problems to the structure of the cell to which they attach. Free radicals spin erratically throughout the body, damaging every cell and tissue they contact until they are finally stopped by an antioxidant or certain enzymes.

Free radicals accelerate the aging process. they are produced from normal oxygen metabolism within the body and from exposure to certain chemicals, environmental pollutants, radiation, smoke, viruses, bacteria, parasites, dietary fats, sunlight , and even the air that pets breathe!

Free radicals destroy cell membranes, damage collagen and other connective tissues, disrupt important physiological processes and create mutations in the DNA of cells. Free radicals have been implicated in more than 100 degenerative diseases/conditions.

A free radical attempts to attach itself to another oxygen molecule, "robbing" it of one of its electrons in order to stabilize itself, in turn, creating another free radical. A chain reaction begins, producing free radicals that spin erratically throughout the body damaging every cell and tissue they contact until they are finally stopped.


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Guaranteed Specifications Vitamin /Mineral Per 100 grams Assay Composition As Is
Fat 18-23%
Protein 12-16%
Total Dietary Fiber 23-35%
Total Carbohydrate 45-155%
Soluble Fiber 2-6%
Ash 7- 10%
Moisture 4-8%
Free Fatty Acids Maximum 4%

Total Plate Count Maximum l0,000/G
Total Coliform Maximum 100/G
E.Coli Maximum <3/G
Salmonella Negative
Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) 317 IU
Vitamin C 21.90 Mg
Vitamin D <25.00 IU
Vitamin E 36.50 IU
Vitamin B1 3.00 Mg
Vitamin B2 0.04 Mg
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 43.00 Mg
Vitamin Bs (Pantothenic Acid) 7.00 Mg
Vitamin B6 0.49 Mg
Vitamin B12 0.70 Mg
Folic Acid 83 Mg
Biotin 5.50 Mg
Choline 226.00 Mg
Inositol 982.00 Mg
Vitamin K 210.00 Mg
Calcium 21.55 Mg
Potassium 1885.50 Mg
Magnesium 741.50 Mg
Phosphorus 2083.00 Mg
Iron 10.95 Mg
Protein (Nx6.25) 16.5%
Fat 21.3%
Total Carbohydrate 49.4%
Crude Fiber 11.4%
Total Dietary Fiber 25.3%
Soluble Fiber 2.1%
Ash 8.3%
Moisture (100 degree vac.) 4.5%
Saturated Fatty Acids 4.5%
Calories/ 100 G. 359.0
Bulk Density (Gucci) 0.47

Antioxidants in EVSCO Select Full Spectrum Antioxidant Supplement

Natural Antioxidants seldom work by themselves, but are very effective as a part of an antioxidant system in which there is synergistic action. This list of antioxidants has been reported to be present in EVSCO Select . Quantification of antioxidant concentration, when given, is from EVSCO Select database and expressed in parts per million(ppm).

Quantifications of antioxidant concentrations, when given, are from product database or estimates from the USDA database.

Cycloartenyl Ferulate
24-Methylene Cycloartanyl Ferulate
Campesteryl Ferulate
b-Sitosteryl Ferulate
Stigmasteryl Ferulate




Ferulic acid
a-Lipoic acid
Methyl Ferulate
r-Coumaric acid
r-Sinapic acid

Metal Chelators mcg

Magnesium (6250-8440)
Calcium (303-500)
Phosphorous (14700-17000)
D5 Avinsterol
D7 Stigmastenol
2d-Homosteasteronic acid



Amino Acids mcg

Tryptophan (2100)
Histidine (3800)
Methionine (2500)
Cystein (336-448)
Cystine (336-448)
Argenine (10800)
Thiamin (22-31)
Riboflavin (2.2-3.5)
Niacin (370-660)
Pantothenic acid (36-50)
Pyridoxin (29-42)
Inositol/myoinositol (1200-1880)
Biotin (0.1-0.22)
Choline (930-1150)
Phytates (1500-1710)


Cycloartenol Ferulic Acid
Diferulic-acid complex




Glutathione Peroxidase
Methionine Reductase
Superoxidase Dismudase
Polyphenol Oxidase
Aspartate Amino Transferase
Isoenzymes AAT-1, AAT-2
Coenzyme Q10

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