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Docusate Sodium 100mg , 100 Soft Gels
Docusate Sodium Soft Gels l Stool Softener - Cat

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Docusate Sodium

Fecal Softener: Sulfactant Docusate Sodium (Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate; DSS)

Docusate Sodium is a stool softener used in pets and people for short-term treatment of constipation, and as a prophylaxis in patients who should not strain during defecation (eg, after anorectal surgery). It is also given to evacuate the colon for rectal and bowel examinations and for the prevention of dry, hard stools.

Docusate Sodium is an emollient laxative. They are mild laxatives given to soften feces by promoting water absorption.

Constipation is a common clinical problem in small animals. In most instances, the problem is easily rectified; however, in more debilitated animals, accompanying clinical signs can be severe. As feces remain in the colon longer, they become drier, harder, and more difficult to pass.

is intractable constipation, in which the animal is unable to successfully defecate.

50-mg capsule once to twice daily

Dogs: 50-mg capsule once to four times daily

Store between 59° and 86°F. Protect liquid preparations from light.

Drug Interactions: Mineral oil Docusate may increase absorption of mineral oil from GI tract, leading to toxicity.

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