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Heart Health Supplements for Humans

At Medi-Vet, we don't just carry a wide selection of pet health products. We also carry medication and supplements that are meant for people. The average human’s heart beats over 100,000 times a day. That's a lot of work for one incredibly vital organ. Keep your heart healthy and strong with heart health supplements for humans. Use fish oil supplements from OmegaMint, filled with the omega-3s hearts need to stay healthy and strong. These soft chewables smell and taste just like peppermint, so there is no fishy flavor. We also carry Nordic Naturals, soft gels made from fat-soluble EPA and DHA to support the heart’s energy and overall health. The gels also help to protect heart tissue from oxidative stress and damage. Get quality vitamins and supplements at low prices from Medi-Vet. Keeping both you and your pets happy and healthy is our number one goal.