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Davis Pure Planet Natural Poultry Spray, 22 oz Davis Pure Planet Natural Poultry Spray, 22 oz

Davis Pure Planet Poultry Spray is a ready-to-use, non-toxic formula ideal for backyard chickens, ducks and turkeys. Contains natural clove and cottonseed oils to quickly kill northern fowl mites, lice and poultry mites. Spray directly on poultry, poultry litter, floors, roosts and other interior surfaces. Targets neurological receptors active only in insects and arthropods.

Our Price: $13.92

Bird Pest Control & Removal Supplies

Whether it's for your pond ducks, chicken farm or domesticated house birds, our pest control for birds will alleviate your feathered friends from the painful discomfort that feather parasites can cause. Shop from a variety of bird pest control products to find exactly what you need for your bird. Poultry mites, northern fowl mites, lice and more can be remedied using our bird pest repellents. Simply spray it on your bird's feathers, the coop, nesting, bedding and any other areas in which your pet interacts to ensure you eliminate the problem completely. Unfortunately, these parasites spread quickly and lay eggs, which makes them rather pesky and troublesome to get rid of. But our bird pest removal supplies will tackle the problem effectively so you can avoid the development of a more serious condition. Place your order in bulk today to save on free shipping on all orders over $79. At MediVet, we specialize in offering you reliable and affordable treatment for all of your animals.

At Medi-Vet, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of bird pest control supplies to cater to your avian friends' well-being. Our commitment to offering top-quality vet supplies online extends to bird pest control products, including the Davis Pure Planet Natural Poultry Spray, 22 oz.

As a trusted source for discount pet supplies, we understand the significance of effective pest control solutions for bird owners. The Davis Pure Planet Natural Poultry Spray is a powerful and natural option for keeping your avian companions safe from harmful pests. With our selection of online pet supplies, you can conveniently access premium pest control products to ensure the health and comfort of your feathered friends.

Count on Medi-Vet for all your bird pest control needs, and let us provide you with reliable solutions for a pest-free environment. Order online today.