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Fish Tank Antibiotics

Fish owners know that regular tank maintenance is integral to their pets' health, but they're also prepared for illness on occasion. Stock up on fish antibiotics before problems arise. Medi-Vet is proud to offer Thomas Labs Fish Mox, a fish amoxicillin that's capable of eliminating the pathogentic bacteria that leads to infected eyes, pop-eye, tail or fin rot, ulcerations and gill disease.

Thomas Labs also makes Fish Flex, a Cephalexin capsule, and Fish Pen, a fish penicillin capsule. Treat the entire tank for sinus infections and other illnesses by simply dropping in a capsule every few hours. Customers who buy Fish Mox also frequently purchase anti-fungal medications and wormers to keep their pets in optimal health. Medi-Vet can protect your finned friends by knocking out pathogenic bacteria and promoting healthy healing with fish tank antibiotics by Thomas Labs.