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Zoetis CliniCare RF Feline Liquid Diet, 8 oz CliniCare RF Feline Liquid Diet, 8 oz YELLOW

Zoetis CliniCare RF Feline Liquid Diet is a ready-to-use formula with lower protein and lower electrolytes designed to meet the nutritional needs for adult cats with renal impairment. Nutritionally balanced and complete for the adult cat. CliniCare RF Feline is a critical need diet and can be given by stomach tube, oral syringe or bowl feeding. No mixing, diluting or additional nutrients required.

Our Price: $9.64

Rebound Recuperation Formula For Cats, 5.01 oz Rebound Recuperation Formula For Cats, 5.01 oz

Virbac Rebound Recuperation Formula is a highly palatable and ready-to-use, low calorie liquid supplement that supports healthy eating and drinking behavior. Formulated to provide beneficial and essential nutrients recommended for support during the earliest stages and throughout recuperation.

Our Price: $17.82


Cat Weight-Management Products

Cat weight-management products are easy ready-to-go liquid meals that help support the immune system while promoting healthy drinking and eating habits. Kittens that are slow to develop and that don't eat much can benefit from weight-control cat supplements. Rebound Recuperation Formula for cats is an easy-to-use weight management product that supports the early stages of life and recuperation in kittens. For adult cats, the CliniCare liquid diet can be used to help those with renal impairment receive a properly balanced and nutritious meal. Weight-control cat foods can ensure that your favorite feline is getting enough vital nutrients, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, probiotics and vitamins to stay healthy.