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Small Animal Grooming Brushes & Combs

Smaller animals require specialized brushes and combs to reduce shedding and to add a healthy shine to your pet's coat. By regularly using a finishing comb for small pets in your home, for example, you’ll notice a vast improvement in the health of their fur. From combs with professional-quality stainless steel teeth to dual-sided bristles, you’ll be able to easily remove shedding hair and even comb through for fleas.

Whether you need a rabbit and hamster grooming brush or replacement flea combs for your veterinary clinic, we’ve got the best small animal combs collection available!

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Vista Small Combination Brush Vista Small Combination Brush

Vista Small Combination Brush is a high quality, double sided brush that helps make brushing easy. The double sides include a thin pin side and a brush side. Use the pin side for initial grooming and then the brush side for the finishing touch.

Our Price: $4.31
KVP Cat Flea Comb KVP Cat Flea Comb

KVP Flea Comb For Cats easily and effectively removes irritating fleas. Designed with a plastic handle and stainless steel teeth - 32 teeth per inch. Comfortable and sturdy handle. Easy to clean teeth of fleas and debris.

Our Price: $4.92
Deluxe Shedding Comb Deluxe Shedding Comb

Millers Forge Deluxe Shedding Comb works great on pets with long hair or thick coats. The stainless steel, skip tooth design effectively removes loose hair. Comfort grip handles

Our Price: $5.72
2-in-1 Adjustable Comb 2-In-1 Adjustable Comb

Miller Forge Two-in-One Adjustable Comb is designed with two sets of stainless steel teeth: fine and coarse.  One touch switches teeth from fine to coarse.

Our Price: $6.30
Deluxe Handled Flea Comb Deluxe Handled Flea Comb

Millers Forge Deluxe Handled Flea Comb effectively removes fleas from the hair coat by entrapping fleas in the comb's teeth.  The long handle allows for easy use.

Our Price: $6.46