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Horse Nutritional Supplements & Vitamins

Horse and other large animal nutritional supplements are featured here in this section and include equine nutrition products as well as a collection of other equine health products. Various horse feed supplements are available here to address specific needs of individual animals such as the need to strengthen muscles, improve endurance, increase cardiovascular health or boost the immune system. Horse digestive nutrition formulas offered by Missing Link Equine are geared toward supplying the needed nutrients that have gone missing in many horse diets, due to the inadequacies of many processed foods and what's still available naturally.

Missing Link Equine improves skin and coat health, improves digestion, normalizes weight and increases energy levels through the use of whole foods, essential fatty acids, phyto nutrients and dietary fiber. Other items found here include joint supplements, digestive aids and formulas for balancing mineral and electrolyte levels.

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EDGE Performance Paste Syringe, 80 cc
Edge Performance Paste Syringe, 80 cc
Our Price: $27.89

EDGE Performance Paste Syringe is for improved stamina, respiration and performance. This superior electrolyte helps prevent muscle fatigue.
M.A.S.S. (Multi-Active Strengthening System) for Horses, 32 oz.
M.A.S.S. Builder (Multi- Active Strengthening) For Horses, 32 oz
Our Price: $41.58

M.A.S.S. is a multi-active strengthening system given in the feed which supplies nutrients to help strengthen your horse's muscles.
Missing Link Equine Veterinary Formula, 5 lbs.
Missing Link Equine Veterinary Formula, 5 lbs.
Our Price: $50.95

Missing Link Equine Vet Formula is an easily digested, highly palatable, nutrient rich dietary supplement for horses. The Veterinary Formula contains more Omega-3 than the regular Missing Link or Missing Link Plus.
Missing Link Equine Plus Veterinary Formula, 5 lbs.
Missing Link Equine Plus Veterinary Formula, 5 lbs.
Our Price: $81.41

Provides the same benefits as Missing Link, with added glucosamine to stimulate the production of collagen for healthy joints. Veterinary Formula contains more Omega-3 than the regular Missing Link or regular Missing Link Plus.
Corta-FLX RX Solution, Gallon
Corta-FLX RX Solution, GALLON
Our Price: $126.52

Corta-Flx is a joint supplement that contains key isolates of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine in proper molecular size, assuring passage through cell walls.
Lixotinic Supplement, Gallon
Lixotinic Supplement, Gallon
Our Price: $132.52

A premium quality vitamin-iron supplement for horses, foals, calves, cats and dogs providing nutrients in a highly available and palatable form.
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