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VetRx Veterinary Aid Poultry Aid, 2 oz
VetRx Poultry Aid is given as an aid in the treatment of respiratory problems in all varieties of poultry, including bantams, ducks, turkeys, geese and game birds. VetRx Poultry Remedy offers effective relief for colds, roup, scaly legs and eye worm, and as a conditioner for show preparations.

Homeopathic Remedies for Birds

Assist your bird's natural recovery with our homeopathic remedies for birds and large fowl. Made from the finest natural ingredients, these remedies simulate the body's healing process to keep your flock healthy. There are no additional added ingredients or harmful chemicals in these remedies — everything is completely natural and safe to use on poultry. Our homeopathic poultry medication isn't just for chickens; it also works on bantams, ducks, turkeys, geese and game birds.

No one wants their beloved pets to get sick, so keep your birds happy and healthy by checking out our selection of homeopathic bird remedies. We have supplies for bird veterinary care that can be sold over the counter, such as VetRx Veterinary Aid. This homeopathic aid is an effective relief for colds, roup, scaly legs and eye worm, and doubles as a conditioner for show preparation. Get top-quality veterinary supplies at the lowest cost from Medi-Vet.

Our range of bird homeopathic remedies at Medi-Vet provides natural solutions to common avian health issues. With our vet supplies online, including discount pet supplies and online pet supplies, we offer a convenient way to access all-natural products for your feathered companions.

Opting for all-natural remedies for your birds can help promote overall well-being without the use of harsh chemicals or additives. By choosing our homeopathic remedies, you are selecting gentle yet effective treatments that support your pet's health in a holistic manner.

At Medi-Vet, we understand the importance of natural alternatives in pet care, which is why we are committed to offering a selection of bird homeopathic remedies that prioritize the well-being of your avian friends. Trust us for all your pet supply needs and provide your birds with the care they deserve. Order today.