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Dukal 2" Rolled Gauze, 2 Ply, Non-Sterile - Cat Dukal 2" Rolled Gauze, 2 Ply, Non-Sterile, 12 Per Bag

Dukal Rolled Gauze Bandage is made of 100% woven gauze. The Rolled Gauze can be used to effectively hold primary and secondary wound dressings and other bandaging applications securely in place. 5 Yards. Unstretched rolled gauze.

Our Price: $3.84

Gauze Sponges 4 X 4 - 12 Ply-General Use Sponges Gauze 4 X 4 - 12 Ply General Use Sponges, 200/Pkg

General use non-sterile, gauze sponges used in surgical prep, wound wiping, cleaning, absorbing and bandage protection.

Our Price: $8.84
Zinc Oxide Ointment - Rugby, 1 lb Jar Zinc Oxide Ointment - Rugby, 1 lb Jar

Zinc Oxide Ointment is a protective astringent and antiseptic ointment for topical application to aid in the management of superficial wounds and abrasions of horses, cattle, sheep and swine.

Our Price: $12.17
Puracyn OTC Wound & Skin Care Spray, 8 oz Puracyn OTC Wound & Skin Care Spray, 8 oz

Puracyn OTC Skin & Wound Care cleans infections in one step. Safe to use around eyes, nose, mouth, and open wounds. Puracyn accelerates healing of minor wounds and burns.  Non-toxic and non-irritating. For cuts, abrasions, lacerations, & minor burns.

Our Price: $24.81

Medical Supplies for Humans

While it’s important to keep your pets and animals healthy, it’s also important to look after yourself. Everyone is bound to get scraped up or cut at some point in their life, and careful wound care with the right supplies can help prevent getting a disease or infection. It’s never a bad idea to be prepared, so think about keeping some medical gauze rolls or bandages stored away in case of an accident.

Should an accident occur, be sure to follow correct medical procedures by sterilizing the wound, wrapping the exposed area thoroughly and securing the bandage so it does not come loose or allow any contaminants to enter the wound. If you are worried about infection, zinc oxide can be applied as an antiseptic and astringent for superficial wounds and abrasions. It’s great for humans as well as large animals like cattle, horses and sheep. Each person and injury is different, so while these steps can help prevent infection, it’s best to follow the advice of your health care professional.