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Probios Horse Treats, Digestion & Support Probios Horse Treats, Digestion Support, 1 lb. Pouch Apple Flavored

Probios Horse Treats are a lactose-free source of beneficial cultures that promote healthy digestion and total body health. Digestion Support treats are specially formulated to help horses with digestive upsets and diarrhea.

Our Price: $13.61

Digestive Treats For Horses

Your horse is a hard working and intelligent animal that deserves tasty treats for good behavior. We know that health is important to all responsible horse owners, so not only do these treats taste great but they are nutritious as well. They’re made from premium ingredients such as wheat, flour, oats, carrots, apples and more. These treats have what your horses crave and contain the proteins and nutrients required to keep a large animal happy. Treat your favorite animal to a nutritious horse cookie today and keep it running at its best.

If your horse is having digestive upset, check out our horse cookies from Probios. These delicious treats offer digestive support for horses by containing healthy microorganisms normally found in the horse’s stomach. These organisms help to break down food and ensure a healthy digestive process for your horse. They come in apple and peppermint flavors that your horse will love.