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Parasitic infections like ear mites can cause considerable discomfort in cats.These tiny critters often lead to obvious symptoms such as constant scratching of the ears or shaking of the head. The cat’s ears may appear unclean, with a sooty residue playing host to the mites. Once a veterinarian diagnoses an ear mite infestation, mite treatment for cats can begin with ear mite medicine from Medi-Vet.

Step one of the healing journey involves improving the hygiene of the cat’s ears. To ensure success in eliminating the mites, Medi-Vet recommends thoroughly cleaning the cat’s ears using an ear mite medicine for cats. This specialized solution is designed to kill ear mites and dislodge their eggs, enabling their easy removal.

The next phase is to administer the recommended ear mite medicine. Medi-Vet provides over-the-counter and prescription-based medicines to target ear mites effectively. A vital aspect of mite treatment for cats is that ear mites may extend beyond one affected pet. Medi-Vet stresses the importance of treating all pets in your household, as ear mites can easily spread from one animal to another. Therefore, even if one pet shows no symptoms, it's essential to treat all your fur babies concurrently to prevent re-infestation.

Regular follow-up treatments must complement the initial ear mite drops for cats. Given that the life cycle of ear mites lasts three weeks, any break in the car ear mite treatment schedule may provide an opportunity for re-infestation.

Remember, while home treatments can support in managing ear mite infestations, they never substitute professional veterinary care. By choosing Medi-Vet as your partner in your cat's healthcare, you can trust you're giving them the best chance at a life free from the irritation caused by these pesky parasites. Order our best mite treatments for cats online today!

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Davis EarMed Mite Lotion, 2 oz Davis EarMed Mite Lotion, 2 oz

Davis EarMed Mite Lotion with Aloe Vera is for the treatment of ear mites and to restore a healthy ear environment. The all-natural, insecticide-free formula contains Aloe Vera that calms red, irritated tissues of the ear canal. Synergistic blend of essential oils of Lavender, Lemongrass and Pennyroyal help restore the tissues back to health while providing relief. For dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.
EarMed Mite Lotion cannot be shipped to California due to state regulations

Our Price: $6.17

Miracle Care R-7 Ear Mite Treatment  Kit  For Cats , Two 1 oz Bottles Miracle Care R-7 Ear Mite Treatment Kit For Cats , Two 1 oz Bottles

Miracle Care R-7 Ear Mite Treatment Kit For Cats is a two step kit that includes R-7 Ear Mite Treatment and R-7 Ear Cleaner. This is a non-oily, water-based formula containing Pyrethrin for the control of spinose ear ticks and ear mites. Extremely gentle ear cleanser. Easy to use application droplet. For cats and kittens 12 weeks of age and older.

Our Price: $8.43
Durvet No Bite Ear Mite & Tick Control, 4 oz Durvet No Bite Ear Mite & Tick Control, 4 oz

Durvet Ear Mite & Tick Control is used for the control and elimination of ear mites and ticks in the ears of dogs and cats. Contains aloe for relief from itching and irritation caused by the ear parasites.

Our Price: $10.50
QuadraClear Ear Drops for Dogs, 0.5 oz Quadraclear Ear Drops For Dogs, 0.5 oz

QuadraClear Ear Drops for Dogs & Puppies is recommended for the promotion of ear health and maintaining a natural flora balance in the ears. Soothes and relieves itchiness. Contains a natural insecticide for mite control.

Our Price: $12.00
Otomite Plus Ear Mite Treatment - Cat Otomite Plus Ear Mite Treatment, 14.7 ml

Virbac Otomite plus is for use in both dogs, cats, puppies and kittens of any age. Otomite eliminates ear mites without causing irritation.

Our Price: $16.17
Eradimite Ear Mite Treatment For Pets - Cat Eradimite Ear Mite Treatment, 29 ml

Eradimite Ear Mite Treatment kills ear mites and ear ticks and aids in the removal of ear wax in dogs, cats and rabbits over 12 weeks of age.

Eradimite is currently not approved for distribution or sale in IL, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands.

Our Price: $24.46

Tresaderm l Ear Infection Treatment For Dogs & Cats Tresaderm, 15 ml

Tresaderm is a dermatologic solution indicated for the treatment of acute and chronic bacterial, fungal and inflammatory dermatoses and otitis externa in dogs and cats. Tresaderm is also effective against ear mite infestations.
Rx Medication Sold Only To Licensed Veterinarians & Pharmacies.
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Licensed Professional Price: $26.27 Cold Item Ice & Expedited Shipping Required