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Liquid Pet Vitamins

The prescription pet vitamins featured here at Medi-Vet.com include 100 ml vials of injectable Vitamin C as well as Vitamin B12 injections, marketed as pet vitamins but also recommended for sheep, swine, horses and cattle. These particular liquid pet vitamins are sold only to licensed pharmacies and veterinarians who have a copy of their current license on file with us. The Vedco Vitamin C product contains 250 mg of Sodium Ascorbate per one ml of solution, with daily dosages administered intramuscularly at between 1-10 ml, depending on animal size, species and current health condition. This product is used as a dietary supplement and to facilitate a speedier recovery when treating a slow-healing wound.

Our Vitamin B12 injections come in 1000 microgram (mcg) or 3000 microgram strengths and can be used as liquid cat vitamins or dog vitamins to provide nutritional supplementation or in managing a B12 deficiency. This product can be injected either intramuscularly or subcutaneously.