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Breathing Aids for Horses and Large Animals

Seasonal allergies, respiratory infections, heaves and other conditions can cause great difficulty breathing for your horses or other large animals. You can alleviate many of these issues by providing relief with effective horse breathing treatments. Our assortment of medications includes Equi-Spectorant Expectorant Powder that works to promote the secretion of phlegm and mucus to clear the air passages and treat coughs. You'll also find Edge Performance Paste that works to improve your horse's respiration and even prevents muscle fatigue. Whether your horses are experiencing bronchial congestion or minor throat irritation, help find relief by contacting your vet. She or he might prescribe on these medications! Vets, our inventory is available at wholesale prices for. Sign up to receive discounted prices here.

Give your horses soothing equine respiration aids so they can start feeling better faster!