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Benzoyl Plus Peroxide Shampoo, Gallon Micro Pearls Benzoyl Plus Peroxide Shampoo, Gallon

Micro Pearls Advantage BENZOYL PLUS contains antibacterial benzoyl peroxide along with Navasome microvesicles for restoring dermal moisture. Indicated for topical therapy of pyoderma, folliculitis and seborrhea complex in dogs and cats.

Licensed Professional Price: $102.26

Prescription Pet Shampoo

For those cats and dogs who are having skin problems, and are needing additional help, medicated shampoos can help provide the relief that's desired. It can be tough to keep your pet from scratching or gnawing at their skin or to keep them from licking their paws. The problems can be the result of allergies or a fungus problem that has gotten out of hand.

These antibacterial and antifungal medicated shampoos that we carry, can help treat any fungal skin conditions that the pet may be experiencing. See faster results in the healing process with the use of prescription pet shampoos. Certain shampoos can also be used on horses who are experiencing severe dandruff that has been caused by seborrhea.

The desired results may not be seen overnight, but with regular use, progress can be obtained. Instructions are included for all prescription shampoos so that its intended use is clear and that the shampoos aren't used too frequently, preventing additional problems from being caused.

All of our medicated pet shampoos and conditioners are only available to licensed veterinarians and pharmacies. Save time and money by stocking up on any of our medicated shampoos and receive free shipping on all orders over $79!