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Catnip Kong Wubba Cat Toys

While most cats enjoy playing, some cats become disinterested or bored with certain toys. However, Medi-Vet offers a variety of the best brand name cat toys on the market. Kong, a popular pet toy manufacturer, has a long reputation of developing the cat toys that can keep your pet entertained, while encouraging it to use all of its senses.

Your cats will go crazy for our selection of Kong toys infused with all natural catnip! These Kong Wubba cat toys are designed to stimulate two natural cat instincts: to hunt and to capture prey. Kong catnip cat toys rattle to catch your cat's attention and peek their interest. The smell of the natural catnip will inspire your cat to play, claw, and wrestle with the toy's long tails. The Kong Wubba also comes in a cat mouse toy, which can add an extra bit of fun to your cat's playtime! Please browse our list of some of the best cat toys below, and take a look at the wide range of pet supplies we offer.