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These cat oral care products are specifically designed to encourage chewing and promote dental hygiene. They come in various flavors and textures that cats love, making it easier to incorporate them into your pet's daily routine.

One of the key benefits of these cat dental treats and chews is their ability to control tartar and plaque buildup. As cats chew on the treats, the abrasive texture helps to scrape away plaque from their teeth, reducing the risk of dental disease. These cat dental health products can also help freshen your cat's breath, which is an added bonus.

When choosing dental treats and chews for your cat, it's important to look for cat dental health products that are specifically formulated for feline dental health. Medi-Vet offers a range of options that are not only tasty but also effective. These cat dental care treats are made from high-quality ingredients that are safe and gentle on your cat's teeth and overall health.

Cat dental treats and chews from Medi-Vet are a convenient and effective way to keep your cat's teeth and gums healthy. By promoting dental hygiene and providing entertainment, these cat oral care products can contribute to your furry friend's overall well-being. Remember to consult with your veterinarian to choose the most suitable dental treats and chews for your cat's specific needs. Order online today.
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C.E.T. IntelliDent Cat Bites , 90 Treats C.E.T. IntelliDent Cat Bites , 90 Treats

Virbac CET IntelliDent Cat Bites support health teeth and gums along with controlling dental plaque and tartar. The crunchy bites with the natural chewing action to help reduce plaque and tartar build up that is associated with periodontal disease.

Our Price: $10.92
C.E.T. Chews For Cats, Fish Flavor, 96 Chews C.E.T. Chews For Cats, Fish Flavor, 96 Chews

C.E.T. Chews for Cats can be fed as a treat to complement a home dental care program. Used by all reguardless of size, age, temperament, or time constraints of busy owners. Clinically proven to control plaque and tartar.

Our Price: $53.80