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PetAg Nursing Bottle For Pets - Cat PetAg Nursing Bottle, 4 oz

A 120 mL pet nurser with graduations in milliliters and tablespoons.

Our Price: $3.80
PetAg Nursing Kit For Pets - Cat PetAg Nursing Kit, 2 oz Bottle

A 2 oz. (60 mL) pet nurser with graduations in milliliters and tablespoons.

Our Price: $4.65
Thomas Pet Goatalac Goat Milk Replacer For Puppies & Kittens, 12 Powder Thomas Pet Goatalac Goat Milk Replacer For Puppies & Kittens, 12 Powder

Goatalac Milk Replacer For Puppies and Kittens delivers essential vitamins, minerals and probiotics to promote balanced growth and development of newborns. It is ideal for use in puppies and kittens that have been rejected, orphaned, or need supplemental feedings.

Our Price: $17.99
VET Solutions Pro-Biolac Milk Replacement For Puppies - Dog Pro-Biolac Milk Replacement For Puppies, 400 gm

Pro-Biolac Milk Replacement For Puppies and Food Supplement For Adult Dogs Containing Colostrum, DHA and Viable(live) Naturally Occurring Micro-Organisms. Nutritional complete supplement that can be used as a supplement or as sole ration to orphans.

Our Price: $18.91
Thomas Labs Breed Heat for Dogs & Cats, 16 oz Powder Thomas Labs Breed Heat for Dogs & Cats, 16 oz Powder

Thomas Labs Breed Heat is an herbal-based nutritional supplement designed to support reproductive health before and during heat, pregnancy and giving birth. The herbal blend of vital ingredients helps the female prepare for reproduction and builds supportive reinforcement needed during pregnancy.

Our Price: $22.49
ThomasPet Bitch Pills l Prenatal Formula For Dogs & Cats ThomasPet Bitch Pills, 120 Tablets

ThomasPet Bitch Pills is an all-in-one prenatal supplement for dogs and cats. Provides essential nutrients for reproduction and lactation. Formulated to support the female from pre-heat, during gestation and delivery, and throughout the nursing period. Formula promotes fertility and supports the body with the extra needed vitamins and minerals to stabilize proper conditioning and support healthy offspring.

Our Price: $36.99
Witness LH Test Kit l Ovulation Test For Dogs & Cats Witness LH Test Kit, 6 Tests/Box

The Witness LH Test provides an accurate, semi-quantitative measurement of canine and feline luteinizing hormone (LH).  Identifies the pre-ovulatory LH surge (time of ovulation).  Used to distinguish between spayed and intact dogs and cats.

Our Price: $268.72
OVUCHECK Premate 10 Test Kit, 10 Tests/Box Ovucheck Premate 10 Test Kit, 10 Tests/Box

The OVUCHECK' Premate test kit is a rapid and simple method of determining the level of progesterone in canine serum or plasma.
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Dog Reproduction & Puppy Health Aids

Medi-Vet is happy to provide you with all of your dog reproduction aids and new puppy care needs. When the dog is in heat, we have tests to determine the best breeding times. We also have dog pregnancy tests to determine to perform the tests at home before your vet visit. If you dog recently gave birth to new puppies, we carry a full line of new puppy nursing supplies, emergency feeding kits and puppy weaning food from brands such as Petag Esbilac and Veta-Lac.

SnugglePuppies™ for Dogs

At Medi-Vet, we are proud to highlight one of our favorite products, the SnugglePuppies. SnugglePuppies are made to help young pets acclimate to their new homes. Puppies love them because it provides warmth and a heartbeat to make them feel comfortable. They are soft, adorable, machine washable and perfectly puppy-safe. We offer them in a variety of colors and designs including golden retriever, boxer, Dalmatian and more.

Here at Medi-Vet, you will find vet recommended name brand products at low discount prices. We carry a wide selection of pet products for dogs, cats, horses, fishes and other animals. For pet pharmacies, vet clinics and pet shelters, we offer bulk discounts and fill out pet prescriptions. You can expect fast delivery on all your orders and free shipping when your order total is more than $79. You can reach us via phone 1-800-668-9698 or email to talk our friendly staff about our products.