Equi-Block DT Formula, 16 oz BLUE

Equi-Block DT Formula, 16 oz.

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Equi-Block DT Formula (Daily Treatment) is the second stage of our three-part Pain Reduction Program. Equi-Block DT was specifically designed to treat long term chronic pain in a more cost-effective manner. It works wonders on horses suffering from debilitating diseases as well as pain stemming from old injuries. Equi-Block DT Formula is a thinner version of Racehorse Strength Equi-Block but no less potent over continued usage. As you well know by now, Capsaicin depletes Substance P. Remove the "P" and you remove the pain. Since the DT Formula is a more liquid product, it delivers lower concentrations of Capsaicin. A regular and consistent application of DT maintains the depletion of Substance P, which is necessary to drastically reduce or eliminate chronic pain altogether.

We recommend Equi-Block DT Formula (Daily Treatment) for the ongoing long-term treatment of recurrent aches and pains associated with arthritis, sprains, strains, or curb and splint pain in horses.

Use a liberal amount of Equi-Block DT Formula (Daily Treatment) on the effected areas twice daily (at least), never more than four. Rub in thoroughly and remove excess. If you are not sure where the affected area is, consult your Veterinarian. A good once over in the morning and again in the evening should do it. However, to insure maximum effectiveness in more serious cases, you can increase the application Equi-Block DT to three times daily. Be sure to apply to all sides of the joint when applicable. This will help your animal kick start its active periods. It will also help your animal get its proper rest.

Wash your hands thoroughly after each application or wear disposable gloves to apply. Again, avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Do not apply to open wounds, cuts or abrasions.

If you have never used Equi-Block DT Formula on your animal, we suggest you start with Racehorse Strength Equi-Block for the first week, three times daily. Remember to apply to the exact areas of lameness. Then cut back to twice a day in the second week. Finally, in week three, start applying the Equi-Block DT Formula two to three times daily as recommended. You will be amazed at the results!

Many people have called us with testimonials outlining the problems of their aging or severely injured horses. They describe how, using Racehorse Strength Equi-Block and Equi-Block DT Formula in combination, after three weeks their animal dramatically improved in both condition and disposition. Every time we help someone with their horse, it makes us feel that much better!

After each heavy workout, race or performance, rub your animal down with Equi-Block DT Formula. DT is a spectacular rest or sleep aid. Equi-Block DT relieves the animal of the typical aches and pains caused by over-exertion or stress. DT maintains the depletion of Substance P. Less "P" means less pain and more sleep! Be sure to use Super Strength Equi-Tite Liniment on your horse's legs.

For those of you in the Snow Belt or colder regions where the temperatures dip, trainers have been using DT as a performance rub for the major muscle groups. The feed back we have been getting is that the animals seem to like the warming sensation cause by the Capsaicin. This warming sensation would normally be too hot in warmer weather conditions. However, it appears that some animals under the colder conditions respond well to the added heat.

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