Equine First Aid 3 Step Wound Care System

Equine First Aid 3 Step Wound Care System

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Equine First Aid 3 Step Wound Care System

It's as easy as 1-2-3. Cleanse, treat and restore using this convenient system.


This award winning cleanser formulated with phenol, a potent antibacterial, and aloe vera helps remove dead tissue and secretions while helping to numb the area for quick pain relief. Adjustable pressure sprayer allows for easy flushing away of bacteria and contaminates while you keep a safe distance. Just point and spray; no water needed. Gentle yet very effective.
16 oz.


This colorless hydro-gel spray of aloe, allantoin and phenol clings to area applied. It nourishes the tissue, helps ease pain and helps fight infection. The adjustable trigger sprayer allows for even coverage on the area while eliminating touching the tissue or contaminating the product. Nothing is as quick and easy to use.
16 oz.


Helps restores healthy skin tissue by clinging to the area to form a barrier like an invisible bandage. Also, discourages flies. Can be applied to minor cuts, abrasions and burns on horses, dogs and livestock. A must have for every horse owner.

"Aloe Wound Salve is our overall winner as it has the lowest potential for irritation and it goes a step beyond emollient effects with anti-inflammatory and healing benefits of aloe juice in a base that softens and moisturizes well without being heavy or greasy."
John Lyons Perfect Horse

8 oz.

Packaged in a heavy duty, easy to carry, clear vinyl zippered bag.

Step 1: Phenol Wound Cleanser - controls bacteria and numbs area.

Step 2: Phenol Wound Treatment - spray gel clings to wound providing nourishment and fast relief.

Step 3: Aloe Wound Salve - helps restore tissue, promotes hair re-growth and deters flies.

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