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InteroSTOP Noise & Interomone Spray, 1 oz

InteroSTOP Noise & Interomone Spray, 1 oz

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InteroSTOP Noise and Interomone Spray

Stops Dog Behavior Problems

Meridian InteroSTOP Noise and Interomone Spray is a patented device combining sound with a specific Interomone (Androstenone) which has been shown to immediately stop unwanted behavior in dogs. Easy to use and safe for all dogs. InteroSTOP works in 97% of dogs.

Interomone is a chemical produced and released by one species that has an effect on another species' behavior. Androstenone is a pheromone used by the domestic pig in courtship and social behaviors. Androstenone is a interomone that changes a dog's behavior.

InterSTOP emits a noise along with the Interomone. The noise is a hissing sound similar that the sound dog trainers make when correcting a dog. InterSTOP works immediately. Once sprayed, the sound and the Interomone released in the direction of your dog will stop unwanted behavior.
  • Immediate results
  • Can be used long term without side effects
  • Environmentally friendly - no propellants expelled when sprayed
  • Three-year shelf life

InteroSTOP has multiple uses for veterinarians, dog owners, trainers, groomers and behaviorists

  • To control excitable and aggressive dogs during examination or treatment
  • For eliminating undesirable behavior
  • For controlling dogs on walks
  • Corrections during dog training
  • As an aid in calming dogs during grooming

Packaging: 1 oz Spray Device (combines sound and spray at same time). InterSTOP utilizes a Bag-On-Valve system making the product easy to use. Environmentally friendly with no propellants expelled.

Shelf life: 3 years

Meridian Animal Health

Item 18379

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