Oxytocin Injection, 100 ml

Oxytocin Injection - Reproduction Hormone

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Oxytocin Injection, 100 ml

Oxytocin may be used as a uterine contractor to precipitate and accelerate normal parturition and the postpartum evacuation of uterine debris. In surgery, it may be used postoperatively following caesarean section to facilitate involution and resistance to the large inflow of blood.

Oxytocin acts directly on the smooth muscle of the uterus inducing rhythmic contractions. The responsiveness of the uterine musculature to oxytocin varies with the stage of the reproductive cycle, becoming more sensitive during the late phases of gestation.

It will contract smooth muscle cells of the mammary gland for milk let-down if the udder is in the proper physiological state.

Oxytocin Injection Indications

  • To precipitate labor
  • To accelerate normal parturition
  • To contract the uterus postpartum for evacuation of uterine debris
  • Following a cesarean section to contract the uterus and control uterine hemorrhage
  • To encourage milk letdown from a udder that is in a proper physiological state
  • Ewes, Sows - 0.5 to 1 ml (10 to 20 USP Units)
  • Sows - 0.25 to 1 ml (5 to 20 USP Units)

Milk Let-down

  • Cows - 0.5 to 1 ml (10 to 20 USP Units)
  • Sows - 0.25 to 1 ml (5 to 20 USP Units)

Do not use in dystocia d
ue to the abnormal presentation of the fetus until a correction is accomplished.

For prepartum use, full relaxation of the cervix should be accomplished, either naturally or by the administration of estrogen prior to oxytocin therapy.

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