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Sergeant's Vetscription Worm Away For Cats, 12 Capsules

Sergeant's Vetscription Worm Away For Cats, 12 Capsules

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Sergeant's Vetscription Worm Away For Cats

Roundworms (Ascarids)

Sergeants Vetscription Worm Away For Cats is a dewormer for the treatment and control of Large Roundworms in cats of all ages. Roundworms are intestinal parasites that are common in cats. There are two species of roundworms (Toxocara canis and Toxacaris leonina) that infect cats, one of which can cause health problems in humans too.

Roundworms are round, white to pale brown in color and up to four inches long. They're occasionally seen in feces and look like spaghetti noodles. Adult roundworms in the intestines absorb nutrients from the cat's diet.

Signs and Symptoms of Roundworms:
both kinds of roundworms can produce any of the following symptoms, though symptoms may only occur with heavy infections:

  • Failure to gain weight or weight loss
  • Dull hair coat
  • Pot-bellied appearance
  • Roundworms are sometimes vomited up or passed in feces
  • Occasional cough due to the larval migration through the lungs

Diagnosis of Roundworms:
Eggs of roundworms can be seen under the microscope following a fecal flotation.

Directions for kittens and cats weighing:

  • 1 to 5 lbs . . . 1 capsule
  • 6 to10 lbs . . . 2 capsules
  • 11 to 15 lbs . . . 3 capsules
  • 16 to 20 lbs . . . 4 capsules
  • 21 to 25 lbs . . . 5 capsules
  • over 25 lbs . . . 6 capsules

Pull each capsule apart and sprinkle contents into cat's food. To be sure the full dose is taken, mix it well with only one-half of the regular feeding. When cat has finished eating the dosed food, give balance of the meal. Repeat first dose 10 days later.

Reinfection can occur from hunting or ingesting eggs present in contaminated the soil. Repeat treatment if indicated.

Each Capsules Contains: Piperazine 140mg

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