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SilVet AA Otic Rinse, 4 oz

SilVet AA Otic Rinse, 4 oz

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SilVet AA Otic Rinse

Antiseptic Ear Rinse With Antibiofilm Complex

Henry Schein SilVet AA Otic Rinse is a gentle ear cleanser for dogs and cats with enhanced antiseptic and antibiofilm activity.
  • Helps provide and maintain a health ear canal environment to help promote healing of common ear infections
  • Biofilm disruption enhances the antiseptic activity of the formulation
  • May be used for routine ear cleaning
  • Is recommended for the initial flushing of ears prior to the application of SilVet AA Otic Concentrate for the management of ear conditions, as well as being used as the weekly routine maintenance after completion of SilVet AA Otic Concentrate therapy
  • Contains MicroSilver BG (MS), which has proven long term antimicrobial residual activity with no known bacterial resistance (including MRSA and MRSP). It penetrates and prevents the reformation of the biofilm but is a safe and natural antimicrobial
Shake well before use. Apply liberally into the ear canal . Gently massage to the base of the ear. Wipe off the excessive product on the interior of the earflap with cotton or a moistened cloth.

Frequency of Use
For regular hygiene use in healthy ears, apply weekly or as often as recommended by your veterinarian. For the protocol in otic conditions, flush the affected ear with SilVet AA Otic Rinse prior to applying the first application of SilVet AA Otic Concentrate, or as directed by your veterinarian.

Active Ingredient: MicroSilver BG Lactic Acid

Precautions: Do not use with EDTA containing products or other silver chelating agents.

Henry Schein Animal Health

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