UltiCare UltiGuard Insulin Syringe U-100 1cc 31G X 5/16", 100 Count GREEN

UltiCare UltiGuard Insulin Syringe U-100 1 cc, 31 ga. x 5/16", Syringe Dispenser and Sharps Container, Box of 100

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UltiCare UltiGuard Insulin Syringe U-100 1cc, 31G X 5/16", Syringe Dispenser & Sharps Container, Box Of 100

UltiGuard is an all-in-one complete home syringe dispense and dispose container system. The patented, tamperproof container provides security and safety. UtliGuard is ready-to-use. premium UltiCare syringes are shipped and stored within the container until needed. With one easy movement, the syringes are discarded into the top of the UltiGuard container, virtually eliminating accidental needle sticks. UltiGuard is safe, convenient and complete.

  • Contains 100, latex-free, premium syringes in convenient packages of 10
  • UltiGuard stores used needles safe and
    tamper proof
  • Helps prevent accidental needle sticks
  • Convenient, Ready-to-Use
  • Environmental Friendly
The UltiGuard Home Insulin Syringe Dispenser and Sharps Container is convenient and easy to use. By making syringe storage and disposal easier than ever before, UltiGuard helps you focus on what matters most - managing your diabetes.

UltiGuard Features:

  • All-in one syringe storage and disposal container
  • Safe and tamperproof - Helps prevent accidental needle sticks
  • Convenient and ready to use

Works in 3 easy steps:

  1. Remove one package of syringes
  2. After use, place syringe one at a time into the roller at top
  3. Turn knob until syringe drops into container
UltiCare Syringes:
  • U-100
  • For 50 units or less
  • 29 gauge 1/2" (12.7 mm) needle
  • Latex-free
  • UltiGuard Home Insulin Syringe Dispenser and Sharps Container
  • 100 latex-free UltiCare U-100 syringes in convenient packs of 10
Do Not Overfill container. Use only with syringes purchased with container.

For use by adults and children with supervision.

What Insulin Syringe Size Do I Need?:

UltiCare syringes come in various body and needle sizes to fit every diabetic's particular needs and dosages. The body size relates to the capacity of the syringe, and the needle size relates to the gauge of the needle. Order online...

Our syringes come in three body sizes, 1cc, 0.5cc, and 0.3cc. This pertains to the overall capacity of the syringe. The gradation markings for U-100 insulin of each size are:

Size Maximum Dosage Scale Increments
1cc 100 units 2 units
.5cc 50 units 1 unit
.3cc 30 units 1 unit

Generally speaking, you should size your syringe to your maximum injection dosage. For example, if you are taking 20 units per shot, you could use either a 0.5cc/50 unit syringe or a 0.3cc/30 unit syringe. If you are taking 60 units, use a 1cc/100 unit syringe. Since the markings are wider apart the smaller the syringe size, it is generally easier to read a 35 unit dosage on a 0.5cc/50 unit syringe than on a 1cc/100 unit syringe. It is easier to read a 15 unit dosage on a 0.3cc/30 unit syringe than on a 0.5cc/50 unit syringe. There is nothing wrong with doing a 15 unit dosage on a 1cc/100 unit syringe, but remember, being precise with your dosage leads to better diabetes management.

UltiCare needles are available with 28 gauge, 29 gauge, 30 gauge, and 31 gauge sizes. This number represents the U.S. standard sizing for stainless steel hypodermic tubing. The actual dimensions are:

Outside Diameter Inside diameter Nominal Wall Thickness
28 gauge .014 inches .0065 inches .0035 inches
29 gauge .013 inches .0065 inches .003 inches
30 gauge .012 inches .0055 inches .003 inches
31 gauge .010 inches .0045 inches .0025 inches

The larger the gauge size, the smaller the outside diameter, and therefore, the smaller the hole put in you. One would initially think, "The smaller the hole, the less discomfort, the better!" This is not always the case. Please note that the inside diameter remains the same for 28 and 29 gauge, and though the 30 gauge inside diameter is smaller on the 29 gauge and 30 gauge, the nominal wall thickness is smaller. This means that the needle will be weaker and more likely to bend if you do not inject straight in, or have particularly tough skin, or a lot of calluses. You and your physician or diabetes educator must be the judge of your comfort level and needs.

Please note, that the standard length of the 28 gauge and 29 gauge needle is 1/2 inch while the 30 gauge and 31 gauge needle is only 5/16 inch hence the term "short needle". This shorter needle is required to prevent the much thinner needle from bending. There is also a psychological incentive to use a shorter needle, but most adults will find that the 29 gauge will work just fine as they need a slightly larger diameter and greater length.

Please consult your physician or diabetes educator before making any changes in needle size, length, or capacity.

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