Wartsoff Wart Ointment, 4 oz

Wartsoff Wart Ointment, 4 oz

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Wartsoff Wart Ointment

Wart Removal Ointment

Wartsoff Ointment is for use in the removal of external warts (papillomas) from cattle, horses, goats and dogs. Papillomas or warts are common in older pets.

Papillomas are routinely removed for:

  • Cosmetic reasons - personal preference or for show competition
  • Self-trauma (biting or excessive licking) of a papilloma
  • Interfering with proper grooming or clipper blades

DIRECTIONS: Apply directly on the wart twice daily. Rub in well leaving wart completely covered with WARTSOFF. Apply to teats and udder of dairy cows after milking. If no benefit is apparent after two weeks of treatment or for warts that grow rapidly, consult a veterinarian.

CONTAINS: Castor Oil, 43% (w/w), Salicylic Acid, 18% (w/w), Inert Ingredients, 39% (w/w).

WARNING: Wash treated teats and udders before each milking. Avoid contact with eyes. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water after applying this product to animals.

NET WT. 4 oz. (113 Gm)

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