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Comfort Zone With D.A.P Diffuser For Dogs, 48 ml

Comfort Zone with D.A.P for Dogs, 48 ml Plug-in

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Comfort Zone with D.A.P for Dog, 48ml Plug-in

Farnum Comfort Zone with D.A.P is a helpful behavior modification tool used for the happiness and well-being of dogs and puppies. D.A.P. (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) mimics a natural comforting pheromone produced by dogs. Comfort Zone with D.A.P. reduces or completely stops stress related behavior.

Comfort Zone reduces or completely stops stress-related behavior including:

  • Barking
  • Urination & defecation
  • Whimpering & whining
  • Anxiety,
  • Chewing
  • Other stress-related behavior

Comfort Zone helps comfort dogs and puppies in stressful situations

  • Being alone in the house
  • Visitors
  • New pet or family member
  • New home or environment
  • Visits to veterinarian or groomers
  • Thunderstorms and fireworks

D.A.P. helps establish the puppy in a new environment such as adoption, moving and coping with strangers.

Odorless and non-toxic, does not affect humans.

Veterinarian Recommended

Use as directed.

Not a drug or tranquilizer.

Is your dog guilty of excessive barking, destructive digging and chewing or house soiling? This behavior can be caused by stress. New Comfort Zone with D.A.P. calms dogs safely and naturally.

Female dogs secrete special pheromones while nursing their offspring. Called appeasing pheromones, they act to comfort and reassure the puppies in times of stress. They have been shown to have the same effect on adult dogs as well.

Comfort Zone with D.A.P. has been formulated to mimic these pheromones to calm dogs of all ages and reduce or even completely stop undesirable stress-related behavior.


Canine appeasing pheromone


Excipients to

100 g.

Instruction For Use:

1. Remove the bottle cap.

2. Screw the plug-in onto the bottle and gently tighten.

3. Plug into an electric socket.

Plug Comfort Zone in the room most used by the dog.

Area Coverage: 500-650 sq. ft.

One bottle lasts approximately four weeks.

Although fluid may be remaining after six weeks, the bottle should be replaced.

Refills available.

The plug-in is specially designed for this product. The properties of the product cannot be guaranteed if a different device is used.


Keep out of reach of children. Do not cover. Check that the house voltage is the same as is indicated on the device. Do not place underneath or behind furniture. When plugged in, do not touch with metal objects or wet hands. During and immediately after use, do not touch the device with your hands. This electric device should only be used with this DAP plug-in formulation. Use of another substance may increase the toxicity or flammability of the product. The surfaces of the device reach high temperatures to create evaporation of active ingredients - these surfaces should not be touched when plugged in. In case of contact with eyes, wash them immediately with water and seek the advice of a physician. Avoid contact with the skin. In case of contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water. If the product is swallowed consult a doctor immediately and show him/her the packaging.

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