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Derma Wound Healing Ointment, 30 ml

Derma Wound Healing Ointment, 30 ml

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Derma Wound Healing Ointment

Antimicrobial Wound Healing Ointment

Derma Wound Healing Ointment is recommended for use on hot spots, scratches, rain rot and any fungal or bacterial infection of the skin on all animals. Helps promote healing and prevent scarring. Soothes pain from wounds and irritations.

A recent technological breakthrough allows the powerful yet very safe antiseptic/antimicrobial chlorine dioxide [ClO2] to be delivered as a gas to a targeted area. These products are quite possibly the fastest antimicrobial available. They kill bacteria, yeast, fungi, and virus within 5 minutes in vitro, yet are non-toxic, non-mutagenic and totally harmless to normal healthy tissue. In addition, these ClO2-based products all possess strong anti-inflammatory properties via oxidation of free radicals and eliminate harmful cytokines [chemicals that the body releases in response to a wound or infection]. Deactivation of cytokines reduces pain, irritation and scarring. ClO2 products consist of a two-part mixing system. Upon mixture, ClO2 gas is immediately generated and is active for approximately 6 hours. The chlorine dioxide is in a suspension, with a very low number of parts per million.

  • Promotes healing and helps prevent scarring
  • Recommended for pyotraumatic dermatitis (hot spots)
  • Treatment for actinomycetes that causes streptothricosis (rain rot)
  • Eliminates odors
  • Disinfects and helps prevent bacterial, fungal and viral infections
  • Soothes pain from wounds and irritations

Directions: Remove the cap from between the center of the dual syringe plunger. Cap allows syringe tip to be sealed after use. Break off tab at the tip the dual syringe. Attach mixing tip to the syringe. Depress plunger on the syringe to apply a liberal amount directly on to the treatment area. Remove mixing tip and save for repeat dose. If product is being used daily, it is unnecessary to remove mixing tip. Use the white cap to cover the end of the mixing tip. Product remaining with the mixing tip is active when yellow in color.

Discard any clear ointment at the end of tip.

Active ingredients: Chlorine Dioxide and Glycerine

Precaution: Do not combine with other topical ointments as the pH balance may be adversely affected. When treating difficult infections, sue caution when applying more frequently.

Mixture may discolor fabric.

For veterinary use only.

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