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3 Quick & Easy Tips for Leaving Your Dog at Home

Many dog owners work outside of the home eight or more hours a day, leaving their beloved pooch alone to entertain itself. How long you can leave a dog alone depends much on the temperament of the particular pet, but there are several ways you can reduce separation anxiety and its related negative behaviors. A bored and lonely dog can cause a lot of trouble in a short amount of time.

Tips for Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

1) The number one way of keeping your dog happy when it is alone all day or night is to give it something to do that occupies the bulk of its time. Sleep fills time with 0% chance of causing mischief. Wake up a bit earlier before work and take your dog on a long walk or a jog to tire them out. It is healthy for both of you and will leave your dog to pass some of his alone time napping comfortably instead of anxiously waiting for you to return.

2) Providing dog toys to keep them busy is a great option to avoid your curious pet making a toy of your belongings and home decor. Be sure every toy you give them is perfectly safe before you leave the house. Rawhide bones should not be given, as they can become frayed and cause choking. A wide range of kibble-dispensing toys are on the market to keep your pet busy for hours. Only include a regular meal's worth of dry food and not extra treats that may lead to dangerous weight gain.

3) For dogs with separation anxiety, natural anxiety relief remedies may provide more help. The tasty treats include nutrients and herbs, such as L-tryptophan, chamomile and vitamins, that promote calm and quiet relaxation. Your pet will love the taste and be able to relax while he awaits your return, rather than becoming anxious.

We offer a wide range of calming aids and toys to help your dog enjoy his time alone and help you feel peace of mind that your beloved pet will be content until you can be together again.