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OcluVet Nutritional Lubricant Eye Drops, 15 ml

OcluVet Nutritional Lubricant Eye Drops, 15 ml

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OcluVet Eye Drops

Supports Ocular Health & Clarity

PractiVet OcluVet Nutritional/Lubricant Eye Drops is an advanced nutriceutical formulation developed to address the contributing factors of lens opacities, like cataracts. OcluVet is a potent combination of six different nutrients utilized by the ocular lens to repair and maintain damaged proteins.
  • Aids ocular health and clarity
  • Reduces lens opacity and density
  • Recommended for cataracts and lenticular sclerosis
Ocular Degeneration

Glycation of lens proteins is a primary factor in cataract formation. Glycation results in the formation of a schiff base (SB) and Amadori rearrangement via the Maillard reaction leading to early glycation products. As the process continues, dehydration and rearrangement leads to cross-links between adjacent proteins, resulting in protein aggregates, advanced glycation end products (AGE's) and increased oxidative stress (glycoxidation). In simple terms, with age, disease, or trauma the crystallin proteins in the eye lens are damaged and denatured allowing them to clump to together. This clumping of damaged proteins is what is recognized as a cataract.

The OcluVet Ocular Restoration System

Crystallin lens proteins are long-lived proteins expressed early in life with virtually no turnover or protein synthesis. The eye protects its DNA from damage with numerous antioxidant systems. The OcluVet formula was designed to target the reactions that lead to the formation of damaged proteins and provide the nutrients needed to repair the altered amino residues and oxidation to allow the proteins to return to their healthy, noncross-linked state. Unlike oral or commercially available eye drop supplements that demonstrate little or no benefit, OcluVet utilizes a systems approach in targeting compromised and damaged components of the eye. This powerful antioxidant/ nutrient system provides immediate neutralization of existing free radicals and is a glycation and protein cross-linking inhibitor.

Scientifically Formulated, Clinically Tested
In a multi-veterinary hospital clinical study of cataract and lenticular sclerosis conditions in several animal species, 83% showed a measurable reduction in opacity and/or improved acuity.

OcluVet Dosage Initial Administration:
Apply 1 drop to the eye 3 times per day for 6 - 8 weeks or as directed by your veterinarian.

Maintenance Administration:
Apply 1 drop to the eye every 24 - 48 hours or as directed by your veterinarian.

Ingredients: Sterile water, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, N-Acetyl-L Carnosine, Purified L- Carnosine, Glutathione, Cysteine Ascorbate, L-Taurine, Riboflavin Monophosphate, Propylene Glycol (0.2%), Polysorbate 80 (0.2%).

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