UltiCare UltiGuard Original Pen Needles 29G X 1/2", 100/Dispenser RED

UltiCare UltiGuard Original Pen Needles 29 ga. x 1/2", Dispenser and Sharps Container, Box of 100

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UltiCare Original Pen Needles, 29 Gauge x 1/2", Box of 100

UltiGuard Pen Needle Dispenser and Sharps Container

UltiGuard is the complete home pen needle dispense and dispose system. The patented, tamperproof container provides security and safety. UtliGuard is ready-to-use. premium UltiCare pen needles are shipped and stored within the container until needed. With one easy movement, the pen needles are discarded into the top of the UltiGuard container, virtually eliminating accidental needle sticks. UltiGuard is safe, convenient and complete.

  • UltiComfort Injection
  • Sterile, Single Use Needle
  • Non-Pyrogenic, Non-Toxic

Ulticare Pen Needles provide universal fit with all diabetes pens and dosers sold in the United States, including: Autopen, BD, Pen FlexPen, Humalog, Pen Humulin, Pen InDuo, Innolet, Innovo, NovoPen, Junior NovoPen, 3ml, Byetta, Forteo Pen, Lantus, SymlinPen, and HumaPen. 

Instructions for Use: 

1)  Check the flow of insulin through the needle prior to every injection. 

2)  Attach a new needle prior to each injection. Needles are intended for single use only. Remove and destroy used needles after every injection. 

3)  If Insulin continues to drip from the needle after injection, hold the needle in the skin longer when injecting, ensuring delivery of complete dose Warning: Do not use if the needle protective tab is missing or if needle appears to be damaged.

Caution: Before using alternative needle length, consult with your healthcare professional.

1. Remove Pen Needle from storage. Use Pen Needle as directed. Do NOT attempt to reshield needle!

2. After use, carefully insert pen tip into center of red opening in top of UltiGuard and push in with slight pressure. Do not push pen into opening with excessive force.

3. Rotate pen counter-clock-wise (left) to unscrew pen needle, store pen as directed.

4. Turn the UltiGuard handle a full 360 degrees to eject pen needle into container. If pen needle did not eject rotate handle again until pen needle is ejected.

Do not use needle if the protective tab is missing or if needle appears to be damaged. Before using alternative needle length, consult with your healthcare professional. Biohazard. Do Not Overfill. Disposable single use sharps container for home use only. Keep in upright position and out of reach of children. Do not use for disposal of any sharps not packaged with this container. Dispose according to local regulations.

Package Size:  100 Pen Needles 

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