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How Proin Works to Treat Urinary Incontinence

Some dogs that have previously been spayed may display a loss of bladder control, or urinary incontinence. Unfortunately, this condition is more prevalent in dogs exhibiting signs of obesity, infection, anatomical abnormalities, or old age. Not only does urinary incontinence have the potential to cause problems for the dog, but it is a huge inconvenience for the owner. However, there are ways of treating this condition.

Proin 50 Chewable Tablets (phenylpropanolamine HCl) can be used to treat the long-term effects of urinary incontinence in female dogs. After being spayed, some dogs experience urethral sphincter incompetence, meaning the bladder is unable to hold urine. Owners are able to tell if their dog has a bladder problem by occasionally checking her bedding for wet spots. This is usually an indication that the dog is unable to control her urine during sleep. Proin tablets help by tightening the urethral sphincter, allowing the bladder to hold urine more effectively.

Urinary incontinence can also cause other problems, such as dermatitis and irritation in the genital area. By assisting in tightening the urethral sphincter, Proin also remedies skin problems and odors associated with leakage. Many dogs suffer from rashes and raw skin due to the excess urine. This can make dogs extremely irritable and uncomfortable.

The phenylpropanolamine in Proin acts as an adrenergic agent, which strengthens the muscles in the sphincter and causes dogs to experience more energy. Though Proin may cause enhanced excitability, it is able to help dogs control their urination patterns and feel better more quickly. Owners are able to rest easy knowing that their pet is not leaking during the day or sleeping in urine.

The tablets are chewable and liver-flavored, which makes it easier to feed it to your dog. Dogs love the taste of Proin, and owners can administer the tablets with food, or use them as treats. Once the dog begins taking Proin as directed by the veterinarian, the medicine works fairly quickly. It should only take a few days for your dog to start seeing results. Owners and their dogs can live happier and healthier after taking Proin. This little pill can do a world of wonder!