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Best Dog Brushes for Shedding

If your dog regularly sheds or blows its coat, you need a quality deshedding brush. Breeds with double coats experience coat blows, and they happen when your dog switches from winter coat to summer coat. You've probably noticed its fur looks patchy, with major clumps that come out — this is what happens during a coat blow.

Brushing your dog, whether it has a regular coat or double coat, can help it look its best and cut down on the normal amount of shedding. For the best results, aim to brush your dog every few days for short to medium coats and daily if it has a long coat. Also, consider investing in a pet hair vacuum to keep your home clean without worrying about breaking your regular vacuum from all the fur.

The Best Deshedding Tools and Brushes To Have in Your Arsenal

For a deshedding kit that covers all the bases, you'll want to have a wide-toothed comb, rake and slicker brush. This combo should be able to tackle mats, tangles and loose or dead hair with ease. Investing in a deshedding brush can make the whole process much easier. Keep in mind that as you brush your dog, you should use the same amount of pressure you would on your own head. Focusing on making this a relaxing and calm experience will make deshedding a good time for everyone involved. The following are our recommendations for the best dog brushes for shedding.

Millers Forge Two-in-One Adjustable Comb

This adjustable comb is one of the best deshedding tools around, and everyone should have one. It features two sets of stainless steel teeth, so it’s easy to switch from fine to coarse. The coarse setting is necessary for getting mats or stubborn knots out of especially long coats. Switch to the fine setting for brushing through your dog’s coat, or use it for styling!

Millers Forge Medium to Coarse Comb

Another great deshedding tool for dogs is this comb that has medium and coarse stainless steel teeth. Similar to the adjustable option, this comb gives you the flexibility to use the coarse teeth for mats and tangles and then switch to the medium teeth for regular grooming. This comb also features a comfort grip and lightweight design for less hand fatigue as you work.

Vista Medium Shedding Slicker Brush

One type of dog shedding brush you need is a slicker brush. This Vista medium shedding slicker brush is an excellent option for removing loose or dead hair. It can also work through tangles with minimal coat loss. This slicker brush features short and long pins in the brush head for increased efficiency. Pair that with a lightweight, indestructible handle that is padded and curved for comfort, and you’ve got the perfect deshedding brush! Small and large sizes are also available.

Self-Cleaning Soft Slicker Brush for Medium & Large Dogs

One major pain point with brushes for dogs that shed is the constant cleaning of that brush. You may find that after four or five strokes, you need to pause to get out all the fur between the pins. This self-cleaning slicker brush makes cleaning easy with a snap-on brush face. All you need to do is pull the release tab, and the brush face comes off quickly so you can simply pull the hair off and get back to work! The soft stainless steel pins gently remove loose fur for a beautiful, shed-free coat.

Millers Forge Undercoat/Shedding Rake, Single Row Short Pin

In order to effectively remove loose hair from your dog’s undercoat, you need a deshedding tool that can target that area. This is where a quality shedding rake comes in. This T-shaped brush has one row of pins that are able to grab loose hair in the undercoat and pull it out gently for a clean coat. This tool can also untangle stubborn knots. As you could’ve guessed, this brush also features an ergonomic grip for comfortable grooming. For dogs with especially thick or coarse coats, opt for the double-row rake instead.

Vista Large Shedding Blade

Shedding blades may look like a medieval weapon, but they are actually excellent deshedding tools for dogs that won’t hurt your pup (when used correctly!). While rakes target the undercoat, shedding blades target the top coat. This is especially useful for those breeds that blow their coats, since those areas of loose fur may just be sitting right on the top coat. The shedding blade encourages that loose fur to come out, while the serrated blades also cut the hair for a nice, fresh look. The large shedding blades are best for large breeds, but if you have a smaller breed, try this small shedding rake.