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Best Brushes for Short Hair Dogs

Whether you’re a groomer looking to restock your brushes for dogs with short hair or are a dedicated owner looking to keep your dog looking great, you’ve come to the right place. Below are our top recommendations for the grooming tools you need for your dog with short hair to keep its coat healthy and clean.

Best for Combination Coats - Vista Small Combination Brush

One of the best brushes for dogs with short hair is the Vista Small Combination Brush. You'll get a double-sided setup that helps you keep your dog's coat neat and healthy. There is a thin pin side on this best dog brush for short hair that allows you to carefully work through any sticky patches or knots in your dog's coat. Once you finish, you can flip the brush around and use the other side to pass over your dog to put the finishing touches on. It'll leave your pup with a soft, shiny and healthy coat.

Best for Curly Short Coats - Millers Forge Prolux Pet Grooming Combination Comb

If your dog has a curly coat, you know the struggle that comes with keeping it neat and free of tangles while fighting frizz. There are round and tapered tines on this comb for dogs with short hair that work well on long, double and curly coats. The comb allows you to get deep in the curl and gently pull through to release any tangles. Additionally, the comb is made of heat-treated metal with an anti-static coating to ensure it lasts and gives you professional-level results each time you use it.

Best for Small Dogs - Millers Forge Self-Cleaning Soft Slicker Brush

Anyone who has a puppy or small dog can benefit from using this brush for short-haired dogs. It has a very soft and fine pad that will remove any dead hair from your pet's coat without pulling or causing stress or pain. There is a snap-on top on this brush that allows you to easily pull the dead hair from the tines to throw it away without a mess, which keeps the brush ready to use whenever you need it. It has a smaller profile and design that is less intimidating to anxious dogs, and this helps you get them used to brushing them.

Best for Double-Coated Small-Dog Breeds - Vista Shedding Slicker Brush

Both small and large dogs with double coats are prone to matting if you don't routinely brush both layers of their coat. This is where this brush for short-haired dogs comes into play. It has an unbreakable handle with a curved head that allows you to gently get down to your dog's skin to safely remove any tangles. The bent wires will grasp and remove the undercoat without any pain, and it's a great size to use on dogs who are slightly smaller or medium-sized.

Best for Dogs With Thick Coats - Millers Forge Deluxe Shedding Comb

What kind of brush is best for short-haired dogs? If your dog has a thicker and shorter coat, try Millers Forge Deluxe Shedding Comb. It has a skip tooth design that will effectively grab and remove loose hair as you pull it through your dog's coat. The handle is ergonomic to keep you comfortable as you use it, and it comes with a stainless steel design that resists rust and corrosion with heavy use. It can work through both longer and shorter coats, and you'll be able to get right down to your dog's skin.

Best for Reducing Shedding - Millers Forge Undercoat/Shedding Rake 510C

Almost all dog breeds will shed, regardless of their coat length. This is a professional-grade brush for dogs with short hair that is very effective at stripping out the undercoat to remove loose hair. It has a T-shaped design that enables you to use it without straining your wrists, and there is a comfortable handle. The nickel-plated short pins will catch any loose hair as you pass the brush over the doge and will remove that hair from your dog's coat. In turn, there will be fewer hairs for your dog to shed.

Best for Large Dogs - Millers Forge Curved Slicker Brush

If you have a large dog with a short coat, you'll spend more time during each grooming session working on it. This brush for short-haired dogs features a nice ergonomic design with a rugged nonslip handle. The raised rubber edges on the handle give you superior control while keeping you comfortable. There is a thicker padded backing on this product to ensure you use a proper technique that doesn't give your dog brush burn. There are also durable wire tines that won't break or corrode during longer grooming sessions.