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Six Essential Cat Supplies You Should Never Go Without

Every cat owner has at least one story that starts with, "I wish I would have known that". Whether you've got cats at home or you're thinking about becoming a cat owner, being prepared for those "coulda shoulda" situations can save you valuable time, money and your sanity. We carry products that are specifically formulated to meet your feline’s needs; below are our recommendations for cat essentials guaranteed to save you from telling your own disaster story in the future.


Cats are graceful creatures but they're also curious and truly approach everyday situations as if they readily had nine lives available. From time to time, your cat's curiosity might catch up with him, giving way to cuts, scrapes or minor burns.
First aid for minor wounds is often overlooked in pet homes, but products like Chlor-A-Clens should be a staple in your emergency kit. This cleansing solution is great at treating minor wounds, scratches, skin irritations and abscesses safely and quickly. A good cleansing solution will work well for first aid care as well as regular use for keeping the area clean to support healthy tissue growth until the problem is resolved.

Pet Bandages

Your cat would rather chase a bandage than wear one, but if you have a minor wound that needs to be covered because your cat won't leave it alone or because you've been advised to do so by your vet, a quality pet bandage is a must.
A pet bandage such as Petflex No Chew Bandage is different than the types of bandages you'll find at your local pharmacy, because it's treated so that it tastes bitter when your cat tries to chew it off. It is also strong to resist tearing and biting but formulated so that you can tear the desired amount by hand.
Counter these features with the fact that the does not stick to pet hair and will stay safely in place, and you've got a must-have solution for minor wounds or compression needs.

Hairball Treatments

Cats pride themselves in keeping all their bits cleanly groomed, but the tiny spines on their tongues are not just great at removing dirt and residue. While a cat's digestive system is highly evolved to handle hair passing through it, your cat might occasionally not be able to process it all.
There are many products on the market that address cat hair balls. We recommend Laxatone Hairball Remedy - available in malt and tuna flavors - a laxative that resolves constipation and hairballs.

Flea and Tick Treatments

Whether your cat is indoors or out the majority of the time, pests can happen. If you have other pets, live in a heavily shaded area or in a climate that readily supports fleas and ticks year-round, or you are an avid hiker who might inadvertently bring home a hitchhiker or two, you should know about fleas and ticks and the treatments available to you.
We offer natural and chemical flea products, both for your home and carpet and for your pet. Get the best in pest control and prevention with products such as Herbal Flea Spray from NaturVet, a treatment that combines a selection of herbs to naturally fight fleas. Products like these are safe to use on your cats, their foam beds, pillows, and blankets, and they can be used in conjunction with other spot-on flea control products.

Ear Care

Pets' ears have a delicate pH balance, which is why you want to avoid getting them wet when giving baths. When your cat's ears are dirty or irritated, you'll need a specialized product such as Vedco Clean Ear with Aloe Vera. This product is designed to safely clean and soothe, and to keep your cat’s ear canal healthy with a weekly treatment.
If your cats' ear irritation doesn't improve or worsens, talk to your veterinarian about prescription treatments.

Prescription Medications

Getting your cat prescriptions ahead of time not only saves money but also gives you peace of mind. Many illnesses such as bacterial infections, respiratory issues or anxiety disorder require prescription medicines and need to be approved by a veterinarian.
Avoid running to your pharmacy last minute. Order your medicines ahead of time from wholesale drug distributors like Medi-Vet and get them delivered to the pet pharmacy closest to you.