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No-Rinse Animal Shampoos

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Simply Pure Foaming No-Rinse Bath, 8.5 oz Simply Pure Foaming No-Rinse Bath, 8.5 oz

Davis Simply Pure Foaming No-Rinse Bath is a natural soap-free formula made with ultra purified water to provide the purest pet experience available. Impurity-free water is combined with a synergistic blend of antioxidant Olive Oil, essential fatty acid rich Macadamia Oil, and healing Jojoba Oil to provide a naturally pure pet bathing experience. The gentle foaming shampoo is rich in natural extracts and thoroughly cleanses while removing odors caused by urine and pet accidents. Simply Pure Foaming No-Rinse Bath is a great choice for shampooing on cold days, quick clean-ups and pets that do not like a full bath.

Our Price: $7.94
Davis Bathless Spray Wash l Waterless Shampoo For Pets - Cat Davis Bathless Spray Wash, 13.5 oz

Davis Bathless Spray Wash can be used anytime a full bath is not convenient. Simply spray, rub in and wipe off. The unique spray application allows easy coverage of large areas and can be spray at any angle, even upside down. Davis Bathless Spray Wash is sulfate-free with soothing chamomile and sunflower oil, a natural solution for keeping pets fresh and clean without a sticky residue. For use on dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, horses and small animals.

Our Price: $9.13
Dermoscent Essential Mousse for Dogs, 150 ml Dermoscent Essential Mousse For Dogs, 150 ml

Dermoscent Essential Mousse eliminates dirt without rinse; helps diminishing irritations; deodorizes & moisturizes;'restores the hydrolipidic film; favors cutaneous ecosystem balance and contributes to cutaneous comfort improvement of dogs and cats.

Our Price: $21.16
QuikClean Waterless Shampoo, 32 oz Spray Quikclean Waterless Shampoo, 32 oz Spray

Fort Dodge QuikClean Waterless Shampoo for dogs, cats and horses cleans, brightens and removes stains without wetting or rinsing. Use when bathing is not practical. Tearless with optical brighteners. Lanolin-enriched.

Our Price: $62.99

We carry a range of gentle medicated and unmedicated shampoos for animals that don't require any rinsing. Bathing isn't always practical, but it may be necessary for a variety of reasons.

Rinse-free shampoos are great for

  • Spot-cleaning stains
  • In between baths
  • To restore fresh smell
  • For litters of kittens or puppies
  • For young foals
  • During cold weather
  • After surgery
  • For sick animals
  • After potty accidents
  • To prevent stress in elderly or sick pets