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The 5 Best Dog Brushes on the Market

If you're a dog owner, you know that dogs tend to shed -- a lot. If they spend a lot of time outside, their fur can get dirty, knotted and tangled, and they've probably come home with a family of fleas more than once. To keep your dog happy and comfortable, it's important to periodically brush its coat as part of a regular grooming ritual.

However, not all dog brushes are created equal. Some brushes are better suited for long-haired dogs, while others work better with short-haired dogs. Some brushes are specifically designed to remove flea infestations. Others are made to remove excess hair during shedding season. Before you start shopping for brushes, it's important to ask yourself about the kind of benefits you're looking for. Do you simply want to brush the tangles out of your dog's coat, or does your dog have specific grooming needs?

To narrow it down, we've created this list of some of the top dog brushes on the market. Here are a few products you might want to add to your dog's grooming kit.

1. Best Dog Brush for Shedding

When your dog starts shedding, you know you're going to be finding hair everywhere for weeks. According to the AKC, most shedding occurs during the spring and fall. In the spring, your dog sheds its coat to get ready for the warm summer months. And in fall, your dog starts shedding to prepare itself for its thick winter coat.

In any case, finding dog hair all over your house can be a chore to deal with. Brushing your dog's coat outside can help eliminate the dead hair and reduce the amount of hair you have flying around indoors. Brushing your dog can also make it more comfortable and help it shed its winter or summer coat.

In our opinion, the Millers Forge Undercoat Shedding Rake is the best dog undercoat brush on the market. This brush is popular with professional groomers because of its strong bristles and heavy-duty construction. This brush removes loose hair from your dog's undercoat without scraping or irritating its skin. The handle is lightweight and specially designed to ease the pressure on your wrist, making it easier to groom for long periods of time. You can use this brush on a wide range of dog breeds, including huskies, collies, golden retrievers, sheepdogs and more.

2. Best Dog Brush for Long Hair

When you're dealing with a long-haired dog, it doesn't take much for the coat to become tangled. After a long day of playing outside, your dog's fur could be tangled, matted, dirty, knotted and nearly impossible to deal with. You need to take drastic measures, but you don't want to use a harsh brush that will end up tearing out half of your dog's coat.

The Vista Matt Remover is the best long-haired-dog brush for both professional groomers and regular dog owners. Unlike other brushes, this brush is specifically made to tackle long, matted hair. You can use this brush to tackle thick mats of fur and untangle your dog's hair without tearing out most of its undercoat. This brush has a short, lightweight handle and a neat row of bristles that digs into the fur and straightens out the knots without tearing at your dog's skin. If you've got a long-haired breed like a collie or a husky, you'll definitely want to keep this brush on hand.

3. Best Dog Brush for Short Hair

Short-haired dogs might not have as much fur as the long-haired breeds, but that doesn't seem to stop them from shedding everywhere. As AnimalHow points out, long-haired dogs have multiple layers of fur, while short-haired dogs only have one. As a result, short-haired dogs shed continuously throughout the year. Since they don't have one or two "shedding seasons" like other dogs, you're going to find fur around your house all year round.

You can't stop your dog from shedding, but you can make the process easier by grooming the pet periodically. Brushing your short-haired dog's coat can loosen the dead hairs and help the dog feel more comfortable as it runs around and plays outside. Plus, you'll notice fewer dog hairs on your pants when your dog sits on your lap for a while. If you haven't started already, it's important to brush your dog at regular intervals.

The Vista Small Combination Brush is one of our favorite brushes for short-haired dogs. This brush comes with two sides: a pin side and a brush side. The pin side features narrow pin bristles that can cut through knots, tangles and matted fur. Once you've cleaned and straightened your dog's fur, you can turn the brush around and use the brush side to make the coat look sleek and shiny. This versatile brush works great for small dogs like pugs and Chihuahuas.

4. Best Slicker Dog Brush

As far as types of dog brushes go, none are more heavy duty than the slicker dog brush. This brush features a pad with a mat of thin, needle-like pins that cut through matted and knotted hair with precision and accuracy. Unlike regular brushes, which might only brush the surface, slicker brushes can get deep into the undercoat to eliminate those impossible tangles. Using one is also a great way to remove dead hairs from your dog's undercoat during shedding season.

The Millers Forge Self-Cleaning Soft Slicker Brush is the best slicker brush for small dogs. This brush is made from strong stainless steel pins that brush your dog's fur without irritating the skin. When you're done brushing, simply pop off the top of the brush and pull the dead hair out of the brush. You'll be surprised by how much matted fur this brush will pull out of your dog's coat. It's great for both long- and short-haired dogs and strong enough to withstand months or years of repeated use.

5. Best Flea Comb

After it spends a long day venturing in the woods, you have no idea what your dog is going to bring home. If you're like most dog owners, you've probably had the experience of your dog coming home with a coat full of fleas. They make your dog itchy and uncomfortable and can easily spread to other pets in the house. Before reaching for an expensive flea medication, you can try brushing your dog's coat with a durable flea comb.

The Millers Forge Flea Comb can help you brush fleas out of your dog's coat and leave your dog feeling happy and comfortable again. To use, dip the comb in soapy water and tug the comb through your dog's coat. The fleas will get caught in the narrow needles of the brush. Make sure you brush your dog's entire coat, even if you don't see fleas in a certain area. Your dog might also have ticks or flea eggs lurking in its fur.

In short, it's important to choose the right dog brush for your breed. A good brush can eliminate pests, clean your dog's fur and ensure that it looks its best all year round. Invest in a high-quality brush for your pet today.